Personal/Career/Business Coaching + Writing Mentoring

Your Life 

1. What we can focus on 

Your life + my coaching leads to step-by-step change

Through my coaching practice, I provide a unique, deep, creative, and action-oriented alternative to therapy to help you make lasting change. While we may talk about similar topics as you would cover in therapy, we’ll also be looking at the questions of, “What do you really want?” and “How do you get there?”

When you work with me, you will get:

  • Support to take risks to find out what really lights you up, so you are living life to the fullest
  • Personalized guidance from a woman who has a fierce will to live life to the fullest and has broken the mold in her own life living abroad on her own, pursuing entrepeneurship, and living up to the ideals of quirkyalone of not settling!
  • A coach and guide who is independent-minded: someone who’s not lockstep with any set societal idea of what life should be, who can help free you from conventional thinking to find what is really true for you.

Many clients say there is a distinct before and after quality to working with me. 

The tools that I share with you such as Nonviolent Communication, and other strategies for working on your beliefs and expressing emotions on a daily basis, are ones that you can use for a lifetime to coach yourself so you don’t get stuck. Some also say things like “that was exhilarating and mindbending” and “It feels great to be working on something as opposed to standing still.”

Many clients say they get a lot more done working with me than when they are not. You can also bet on feeling more self-care, self-love and inner peace–and we will probably laugh in our sessions too. I go deep with you–we won’t shy away from hard topics. I bring an attitude of play because playfulness frees us up to find creative solutions. And it’s fun!

Coaching vs. therapy


Coaching is a specific approach for life change. You may have tried to address these issues in various ways.

The therapist might have been good, but in your case, you vented about problems and didn’t see the change you long for. Or perhaps the therapist didn’t quite understand your outside-the-box life experience or have comfort talking about sexuality.

Some self-help books are great and full of strategies to try but they are not tailored for you and your unique needs and personality. A self-help book also can’t hold you accountable.

Talking to good friends is wonderful but there are things or a certain depth of things you can’t expect them to take on. Working with me means you have a partner in this change process.

A private Facebook group might give you direction but it’s not a structured process to keep you accountable and help you make change.

If you are serious about getting support to create the life you want, coaching can be a great option.

Areas of focus

Career, creativity (with a focus on writing), relationship/dating, being single, reconnecting with your body, health, and sensuality, time management, and always, confidence, courage, self-love and self-worth.

When we talk, I will ask you for 1-3 things you want to focus on in our work together.

Here are some examples of focus areas from past clients:

  • Identify career and creative goals and create a vision for your work and personal life to motivate you on a daily basis
  • Develop more confidence to speak up for yourself at work and to negotiate so you stand up for yourself and don’t let important things go unspeak
  • Let go of a romantic obsession (RO), as I call it in Quirkyalone, so you can learn what you needed to learn and move on with your life to date again
  • Tone down your inner critic and cultivate self-compassion
  • Stop blaming yourself for being single and drop the “there’s something wrong with me” voice, so instead you can enjoy life in peace until you meet your next partner
  • Reconnect to the intuition that comes from bodily awareness, which you need to make empowered decisions for your life
  • Overcome vaginismus to have a healthy sexual relationship with a partner
  • Develop conscious leadership at work even in a toxic workplace
  • Set limits on work to improve your well-being and enjoyment of life
  • Start or build your business–or going out on your own (e.g. an interior designer who goes out on her own)

You can tell me what you want to focus on when you request your initial consult.

Since so many of my clients are writers, I’ve created a writing mentoring coaching package. This allows us to dedicate time to giving you feedback on your writing. If this sounds like something you would like to explore, mention that when you request your initial consult.


What do you mean by "quirkyalone" and "wet?"

“Quirkyalone” is a word that I coined in 2000 in my writing which means a person who wants to be in a relationship but doesn’t want to settle. Quirkyalones prefer to be single rather than to date just for the sake of dating. You don’t have to be single to work with me. Some clients are married or in relationship. Most of my clients identify with the goal of not settling whether in the context of work, relationships, or even your relationship with yourself. We are going to work toward what really lights you up because life is short!

“Wet” is a concept I created in tandem with the work I’ve been doing on my new book, a memoir. To be “wet” is to listen to your own body’s desires. Many of my clients want to feel more comfortable in and to enjoy being in their own bodies, and appreciate the value of intuition that comes from bodily awareness. While we are working on any topic, we can incorporate your connection to your body and your sensuality because it’s all connected. I draw on many years of study of mind-body connections and sexuality to guide you in finding your “wet.”


Training + influences

My coach training comes from CTI, the largest coach-training institute in the world. I supplement this with my decades of experience supporting quirkyalone women and men, along with training in memoir and essay writing and publishing, writing as healing (the Hero’s Journey), Tantra, female sexuality in general, tango, PsicoTango, mind-body healing of chronic pain, and healing of past traumas from childhood and adolescence.

I also bring my experiences and knowledge gained through entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley as a start-up founder (we sold our company StyleMob within 9 months), my experience working with New York agents and publishers in releasing my books, and my years of solo travel in South America. You will truly be working with not-your-average life coach!

Living in other cultures in South America has been a gift that I share with you in my coaching. I blend the best of my US roots (our culture’s strengths of entrepreneurship, career-savviness, and getting things done) with the South American influences of warmth, living the moment, and solidarity that I’ve picked up over the last 10 years of living in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia. My bicultural perspective helps to identify some warped thinking in the US, especially in the workplace, helping you to set limits in the American always-on culture.

I’m definitively a coach by training and approach–we’ll always be looking more at where you want to go than at the past–but many clients call me their therapist because of the depth of our conversations and the support you receive. One client told me, “I had a psychologist and a pleasure coach, but I’d prefer to talk with you weekly.”


Sasha’s Personalized Coaching programs

2. How it works

We talk 2x a month

In most cases, we talk 2x a month, giving you time to do your “playwork” between sessions. Sometimes when people are going through intense moments of change we talk weekly.

Our sessions are 50 minutes to an hour. We talk via Skype or phone so you can do this work from the comfort of your own home. 

Playwork accelerates your progress between sessions

The “playwork” you do between sessions will be an accelerator for the coaching. You’ll not only be talking about what distresses you. You’ll be on an educational, personally supported path as you learn new skills and ways of being.

What do I mean by “playwork”? This will be individual for you because every coaching program is individualized.

Here are some examples from past clients:

  • writing a daily list of your feelings and emotions, even those that you are not happy about at all
  • writing a list of fears about getting into a relationship–or staying single
  • writing your self-marriage vows (I’m also an expert on self-marriage!)
  • writing an angry letter to a past partner to express all your feelings (you don’t have to send it–this is all about your expression)
  • trying out pussywalking as a first step in awakening sexuality
  • trying out Nonviolent Communication strategies to communicate with a difficult co-worker or a friend
  • rewriting a dating profile to get clear on what you really want
  • going to a bar alone and reporting on what happens
  • setting limits on your work schedule to create more work-life balance and health
  • drafting the overview of a book proposal

There will often be writing, if you are a writer. The writing exercises will be tailored for you personally.

What you'll learn

Whole new sides of yourself! New ways of communicating, thinking, and all the strategies, books, tools, and resources I’ll be suggesting exactly for you based on you and your situation.

My Clients

3. Who I work with

Quirkyalone women and sensitive, self-aware men

My clients tend to be women and self-aware, sensitive men who are highly educated and want to life a fully expressed life whether they are single or coupled. 

My clients range in ages from twentysomething to sixtysomething, and they live all over the world: the U.S., Europe, Canada, Australia, and South America. The best part about working via Skype (or Whatsapp) is that you can live anywhere. We find a time that works for both of us, and you can do this work from the comfort of your own home,

Over the course of my coaching career since 2012, I’ve worked with people in all kinds of transitions, and:

  • writers 
  • entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs
  • nonprofit professionals
  • startup founders
  • engineers
  • lawyers
  • doctors
  • branding and design professionals
  • diplomats
  • doulas
  • academics and PhDs
  • consultants
We work via phone or Skype so you can live anywhere

I split my time between Rhode Island and Buenos Aires, Argentina. My clients live all over the world: South America, North America, Europe, Australia. We will connect over Skype, Whatsapp or phone. 

We connect primarily via audio only, which is nice because these days being on too many Zoom calls with video can get tiring!


I offer a sliding scale to accomodate the range of professions that I help … from $250 to $350 monthly. This includes two hourlong sessions, and all the time and energy I spend reviewing and supporting you on the “playwork” you’ll be doing between our sessions.  

Next steps

4. How to get started

Tell me about you and what you're looking to explore
Set up an initial chat

I will read over your email, and if I think there is a 90% chance I can help you with the things you list, we’ll set up a time for a 15-20 minute initial chat to assess whether we would be a good fit for coaching.

Dive in!

After the chat, I’ll send you a questionnaire to learn more about you and we’ll get started with our first session.

Want to Schedule an Intial Consult?