What is “wet”?

Dive into the unknown and you will emerge with a sheen 

We live in a world that encourages women to squeeze themselves into clothes, life choices, and even sexual positions that don’t quite fit and then to smile anyway.

What is up with that? Still? So dry, isn’t it?

Wet is about finding what really works for you to light you up from the inside. Women have a right to turned-on lives too.

To be wet is to listen to your body’s instincts.

A wet woman is not a good girl but she’s not a bad girl either: she is a woman who knows what she wants and acts on it. She’s definitely not a slut. Wet women work through their slut-shaming conditioning.

Wet is shamefree.

Wet is a feeling of turn-on, not only sexual turn-on but sensual turn-on, the turn on of feeling alive, being in your body, the blood rushing through you, and you are indisputably alive.

Wet is about way more than sex, though it’s about that too. It’s about vitality and sensuality. It’s about taking pleasure where it can be found in small moments, through food, dancing, pussywalking, swimming, singing, in whatever makes you wet.

Wet is an homage to female sensuality and sexuality that is so often diminished into a performance and a carictuare, a cliche, in our culture. Wet is about how you feel from the inside out. Wet is about prioritizing pleasure for the greater good of your life and those around you. About getting messy. About being imperfect. About diving in. 

To be wet is not as obvious as a hard-on. Female sexuality is always more hidden, more cloaked, more mysterious. Wet might be murky. It’s not necessarily clear. Like female sexuality, it’s internal. Sometimes we have to get a little lost first to get wet. To find that turn-on. We have to risk outside the careful and the known. 

Want to find your wet?