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At 35, Quirkyalone author Sasha Cagen appeared on CNN and NPR, spreading a message of self-love and empowerment for single people who refused to settle. Behind the scenes, she was a self-help expert with a secret: a long-buried childhood trauma that left her feeling unlovable.

As friends got married, gave birth, and bought homes, Sasha decided to get out of her head and into her body. Leaving behind a dry life in Silicon Valley, she dove into the unknown with new sensual experiences in South America, from wearing a bikini on the beach for the first time in Brazil to learning tango in Colombia.

With honesty, vulnerability, and humor, leaving nothing back, Sasha takes us along on this journey with her as she seeks answer to her biggest questions: Why was it such a struggle to believe anyone could really love her? Why does a sex-positive woman still struggle with so much shame?

Moving from mind to body, through a corporal journey of body parts—heart, head, skin, vagina, and backbone—Wet leads us step by step through one woman’s story of healing the impact of past trauma in a search that is not intellectual, but instead rooted in body intelligence. Sexuality is the first plunge into wetness, but finally facing a childhood trauma becomes salvation. 

Many women carry shame in their bodies. Many of us have unspoken stories from our pasts. Wet reminds us the path of healing runs through our bodies. Our bodies hold clues and secrets, power and intuition. The past lives on inside us but doesn’t have to control us.

What did I choose “wet” rather than “juicy”? 

To learn more about my thinking on the title “wet,” listen to this podcast with Lindsay and Lani from Fuck Dating.