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Wet: A Memoir

When I decided at the dreaded single woman age of 35 to stop waiting for my soul mate to show up in order to live my own life, I made it my mission to get out of my head and into my body again in South America. All the sensual adventures that followed led me to face the darkness in my past, an incident of childhood sexual abuse that shaped me more than I wanted to admit.

My third book, Wet, is a a book for anyone who has felt too damaged for intimate relationships.

In many ways, Wet is the follow-up to Quirkyalone, but it’s a much more personal book. It’s a tale of self-love and healing, and also a journey of creating a life off the expected road map, unmarried, without a child, and off the corporate path.

The title is designed to make you blush. Wet is an homage to female sexuality that gets diminished in our culture into being a pornographic, airbrushed caricature, a performance. While the title might invoke dripping sex scenes for some, Wet is actually an invitation to reimagine the way we see female sexuality and sensuality.

To be wet is to embrace more than sex. To be wet is to embrace our vitality and sensuality. It is about how we make decisions between security and risk, and how to open up to the things that scare us most. It’s about the blood coursing through us.

What does “wet” mean? Listen here for a sneak preview of my definition

For a sneak preview of what Wet means to me, and why I chose that as the title, rather than “juicy,” you can listen to this podcast with Lindsay of Fuck Dating.