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About my forthcoming memoir Wet

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Talking with the BBC World Service

 At 35, I appeared on CNN and NPR, spreading a message of self-love and empowerment for single people who refused to settle.

Behind the scenes, I was hiding something.

A long-buried childhood trauma that I almost never spoke about left me feeling unlovable. 

Many women, like I did, carry shame in their bodies. Many of us have unspoken stories from our pasts. My aim with telling my story in WET is to remind us the path of healing runs through our bodies, through what we feel as much as what we think. Our bodies hold clues and secrets, power and intuition. The past lives on inside us but doesn’t have to control us.

To get wet is to listen to the body. 

I am not one to use words like “divine feminine” but ultimately, wetness is about the feminine empowered.

About the title: why WET and not JUICY 

The title WET suggests something revolutionary about the value of connecting with our bodies. Guys talk about erections all the time but women generally do not talk about being wet. The taboo, in-your-face nature of the title is intentional.

Drop in on this conversation with Lindsay and Lani from the podcast Fuck Dating where we talk about why WET. 

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