WET: One Woman’s Story of Healing Through Adventures in Sensuality in South America

Could spending time in a sexier country help me find myself again? Why did I feel so called to South America?

To get wet is to listen to the body. I invite you to dive in with me.

What does it mean to get wet?

As I share the title with readers, I realize WET suggests something revolutionary, a candid callout of the value of connecting with our female bodies.

Though men talk about erections, women rarely talk about being wet.

The word elicits a feeling of turn-on, not only sexual, but the sensual joy of being alive.

This book, my third, and my first memoir, goes deep to explore themes of healing from early traumatic experiences that have so many of us shut down our hearts and get stuck in repeating patterns in life that don’t serve us.

Wet gets visceral in a journey of healing through sensuality, from the beaches of Brazil to tango dance halls of Buenos Aires. Tango was never just about tango for me.

How does connecting with our bodies help us on the healing path, which is unique for each one of us? As I write this book, I invite you to pay attention to your own bodily sensations and sensuality for your own well-being and decisions.

I am inviting those who are curious to be part of the creative process.

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