About my next book… 

Wet: A Journey of Mind, Body, and Sex Made Whole

Here’s the best way I can describe my next book: Wet is Eat Pray Love meets The Body Keeps the Score meets Quirkyalone.

Eat Pray Love because Wet is a spiritual journey where the lessons happen through travel in South America, and through an adventure of sensuality, from wearing a bikini for the first time in public at the age of 36 to letting my boundaries be crossed at a Love Motel in Brazil in a complicated threesome. There’s a lot more making out than in EPL, however! LOL.

The Body Keeps the Score because it’s the story of healing buried childhood trauma (sexual abuse) through connecting to the wisdom of my body (and tango). This book goes deep to explore themes of healing from early traumatic experiences that have so many of us shut down our hearts and get stuck in repeating patterns in life that don’t serve us.

Quirkyalone because this book is in a follow-up to my first one, where I wrestle with being single at midlife, the shame of never having a romantic relationship last longer than six months, and how I began to heal the effects of that trauma and my heart.

What does it mean to get wet?

To get wet is to listen to the body. 

As I share the title with readers, I realize WET suggests something revolutionary, a candid callout of the value of connecting with our female bodies.

Though men talk about erections, women rarely talk about being wet.

The word elicits a feeling of turn-on, not only sexual, but the sensual joy of being alive. We have to fight for our pleasure in life. We need joy to work through the tough stuff.

Get on the early reader list for WET!

I’ve been working on Wet for 12 years. It’s impossible to quickly convey what a twisty-turny journey writing this book has been for the last decade-plus.

But the story is coming into shape. And I am cautiously optimistic the book will make its way to readers … soon.

If you are curious, I am inviting you to be part of the last stages of this long birthing creative process.

Signing up to be on this special list means you may get the chance to be an early reader and help shape the narrative.

This is tender material. I am always looking for the soul fit. If I reach out to you with the opportunity to read an early draft, I’ll ask you to tell me about you and what has you curious to read.

And, if you are just curious about the progress of this book, you’ll get updates that I am only sending to the inner circle Wet list.


As I mentioned, this has been a long creative process. You can listen to this podcast with Lindsay and Lani from Fuck Dating that we recorded seven years ago. This is a great chat and many of the themes from those drafts are still relevant and in the book.

You can also listen to this podcast from Virgin.Beauty.Bitch, a podcast hosted by a male-female duo that unpacks female stereotypes, as a complement. This one was recorded in 2022. Listen HERE.