About my forthcoming memoir Wet

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WET is a memoir that is percolating in my computer, that I can barely wait to share with you. Here is a bit of writing to tell you about it.

My healing journey started in an undecorated cubicle at a social media tech job that I took in 2008. I was earning more than ever before, yet questioning what my life was even about.

One afternoon, I tuned out of a conference call and scribbled a list of countries that I dreamed of visiting. Brazil practically jumped off the page and literally turned me on in my office swivel chair. The steamy nightlife and beaches of Rio looked like a needed break from my dry, buttoned-up existence in Silicon Valley. Could spending time in a sexy place help me find myself again? That weeklong trip turned out to change my life—but my time in South America would not end there.

After years of wandering around Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina, I had to ask, why reconnecting with my body had become such a top priority when all my friends were climbing the career ladder, getting married, and having children?

What was I actually doing with my life?

Healing. A thirst for healing took hold of me, and it pulled me along a path of finding my power by following pleasure.

When I followed my body’s sensations, and paid attention to what truly made me feel good, instead of what society or someone else expected or wanted from me, I started to live a deeply joyful life. Once I vowed NO MORE MEN, I stumbled on the dance of tango in Colombia. Tango became a training ground for healthy relationships and self-love.

When I assumed a posture that says, “I matter,” I mattered. In finding my backbone, I found my self-worth. I began to love myself, and that, for the first time, allowed me to open my heart and let love in. My story is one of healing by listening to my body (it knew things before I could find words).

WET is not a trauma memoir so much as a memoir of sensual healing.  

To get wet is to listen to the body. I invite you to dive in with me.

About the title: why WET and not JUICY 

The title WET initially arose spontaneously in a phone call with my agent to evoke the dryness of the tech life I was escaping in Silicon Valley when I ran away to South America.

My life had been dry, and I was desperate to get “wet.”

As time went on, “wet” came to mean, “listening to my body to make decisions.”

As I shared the title with women, I realized WET suggests something revolutionary, a candid callout of the value of connecting with our female bodies. Though men talk about erections, women rarely talk about being wet.

The word elicits a feeling of turn-on, not only sexual, but the sensual joy of being alive. When I shared the title with my community of readers, women responded with messages showing an innate understanding of “wetness” that all come back to the same desires to feel “turned-on,” “in the flow,” “open,” and “vibrant.”

The in-your-face nature of the title is intentional. My intention is to instill the word with the power it deserves..

Here are two podcasts where I share the WET journey… listen in to learn more. The first one on Virgin.Beauty.Bitch is absolutely hilarious….drop me a line to let me know what resonates. The second with Lindsay and Lani from the podcast Fuck Dating is great too.

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The women who tend to be the best fit with me in a coaching relationship are the women who want to get wet–that is to say, the women who want to live a turned-on life in their work, relationships, and relationships with themselves, and to be powerfully connected with their bodies (and don’t necessarily want to run off to South American like I did).

Even in the often-dry conditions of everyday life at home.

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I am so excited about the conversations WET will spark.

We all get to define what makes our lives wet as opposed to dry. We learn a lot when we talk about sex and sensuality in a more meaningful way. 

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