WET tells the story of my healing from the effects of buried trauma, in a journey that goes from the dry cubicles of high-tech job in Silicon Valley to the beaches and dance halls of South America, discovering the power of my body and my sensuality.

Could spending time in a sexy place help me find myself again?

Why had reconnecting with my body become such a top priority when all my friends were climbing the career ladder, getting married, and having children?

When I followed my body’s sensations, and paid attention to what truly made me feel good, instead of what society or someone else expected or wanted from me, I started to live a deeply joyful life.

WET is a story of listening to one’s body to find one’s way forward in life, and also a story about the importance of throwing everything up in the air every once in a while and doing something daring—because your body is telling you to do it. Maybe it’s your gut, maybe it’s your heart, maybe it’s your pussy.

To get wet is to listen to the body. I invite you to dive in with me.

What does it mean to be wet?

As I shared the title with women, I realized WET suggests something revolutionary, a candid callout of the value of connecting with our female bodies. Though men talk about erections, women rarely talk about being wet.

The word elicits a feeling of turn-on, not only sexual, but the sensual joy of being alive. When I shared the title with my community of readers, women responded with messages showing an innate understanding of “wetness” that all come back to the same desires to feel “turned-on,” “in the flow,” “open,” and “vibrant.”

The crafting of this book is underway.

To learn more, here are two podcasts where I share the WET journey for your listening pleasure.


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