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I’m back in California! And quirkytogether is on the way! Those of you who have read my Quirkyalone book (published all the way back in 2004) know that quirkytogether is a very important chapter.

Quirkytogether is about creating a relationship in which both parties get to be fully themselves. Quirkytogether is what happens when quirky joins together. It’s a quirkyalone in a relationship, co-creating a unique, intimate relationship with another person where people stay wholly themselves and turned-on.

In 2013, we want to live in a world with a new kind of relationship, where we have intimate connections and partnership but we don’t necessarily merge, lose our individuality or our spark, and start wearing matching outfits and socializing at couples-only dinner parties! I’ve heard from one reader recently, that when a new girlfriend asked him to talk about defining their relationship, she asked “Should we be quirkytogether?” They had both read my Quirkyalone book.

I’m creating an online course about Quirkytogether that will be offered in late July (stay tuned for details–it’s going to be awesome and fun as well as deep and thought-provoking).

I’m also in the research phase for a Quirkytogether book (which I’m quite excited about as well).

To that end, I would like to invite you to be part of my part of my research!

Fill out this quirkytogether survey.

It’s research for me and the book but I also think by filling it out you’ll discover more about what *you* want in your quirkylife.

Looking forward to reading about your thoughts and stories of quirkytogetherness. . .
Lady Q Sasha

P.S. Here’s a last-minute invitation for those of you in California or nearby: Are you looking for something fun to do in nature on this upcoming Fourth of July holiday weekend? (In the United States, we celebrate our independence day.)

Come join me and many other souls for this awesomely quirky indepenDANCE holiday retreat by the Stanisluas River, less than two hours from San Francisco. There will be a lot of ecstatic dancing in nature, yoga, meditation, massage, and river-rafting on a peaceful calm river. I went to this retreat last summer, and I will be there this year. I can tell you, the grounds are beautiful. It’s sort of like a private mini-Burning Man, but more green and relaxing.

adults swinging by the river!

adults swinging by the river!

The organizers are running a special discount on this adventure until midnight Sunday night (6/30), so if you want to come get your groove on in nature, click over here and learn more.

If you sign up, write “Heard about this from Sasha Cagen” when they ask you how you heard about this trip.

Leave your cares, cell phones and computers behind. Come down to the river and play. FIND OUT MORE HERE!


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