My new book To-Do List, a collection of 100 real, handwritten lists and the stories behind them, will be out in a week! I want to let you know I’m doing a cool promotion with Powell’s, the coolest INDEPENDENT bookseller online, to offer signed copies of To-Do List.

If you order from Powell’s from now until November 19, you can get a SIGNED copy for virtually the same price as on Amazon. Not that I am opposed to Amazon, but it’s nice to support the independent bookstore, and this way, you get a book with a very personal touch. Perfect for you or any of the listmakers in your life.

Order a signed copy here. Because I love raffles. . . here’s an extra bonus. Send the receipt for your Powell’s purchase to todolistblog at and you’ll be entered into a raffle to win a limited-edition copy of To-Do List magazine, number three. To-Do List is where the quirkyalone and to-do list concepts got started.

Just a reminder: The release party is Saturday, November 10, in San Francisco at Cafe Royale. Hope to see you there!

To-Do List is a collection of 100 handwritten lists and the stories behind them. It’s full color, which means you get to see the lists in all their crossed-out, tactile glory. Really, they’re more than just to-do lists, they’re an inside view into who we are and what we want, from the meaningful to the mundane. They’re the bullet-point version of a diary.

Here’s how happy your friends and family will be when you give them a copy. . .