Single? Dating? Ups and downs? Join us for a LIVE Quirkytogether Coffee Chat Thursday

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art created in our new year's get quirky class

art created in our new year’s get quirky class

What are you doing Thursday? Wanna grab coffee at 11 am PT? You’re invited to join me and the wonderful Sue Vittner Thursday at for a Free LIVE Coffee Chat call about our growing Quirkytogether movement!

My co-teacher Sue and I are hosting this free call, and we would love to have you join us via phone, Skype, or listen in online. To join us for the Coffee Chat, sign up to get the call-in and class information on this special Quirkytogether 101 list.

Many experts tell you the “rules” of relationships. How to be a “bitch” or the “cool girl” in order to get a guy, or how to be a manipulative “pick-up artist” to get the girl. Our idea is different. We believe that showing up as your quirky self, and letting someone get to know you as you are, is the best way to date. It’s the most vulnerable. And also the most sexy. And this is the essence of quirkytogether.

Here are four questions to explore in advance of the Thursday coffee chat call–we’ll ask these questions of ourselves and you.

–What are your limiting beliefs about dating and relationships?
–When and if you date, how do you nurture yourself through the ups and downs of dating?
–How can you show up to be your truly quirky self when dating?
–How do you not lose yourself in a relationship and stay grounded in your quirky self?

We’ll also tell you about the strategies and tools we teach in our class Quirkytogether 101 to help you stay quirky in dating and relationships.

For me, the first couple of weeks of 2014 have been emotional. I’ve learned once again that there is no way around it: if you are going to put your heart out there, you risk getting hurt. Now, that doesn’t mean that you stop putting your heart out there. To win, you’ve got to play the game.

We need to nurture ourselves. Dating as a quirkyalone (or anyone with a tender heart) requires resilience and lots of self-nurturing. It means staying attached to a vision of the relationship we really want as opposed to getting attached to someone we’re just getting to know. . .and that’s what we do in Quirkytogether 101. We build and create our own personal quirkytogether visions.

Our Quirkytogether 101 class is a weeklong online learning adventure that you can take from anywhere, and it gets started January 25. Quirkytogether 101 will help you get re-energized and passionate about yourself and love.

This class is for you if:
* You’re quirkyalone and you want to explore what being quirkytogether means for YOU
* You’ve felt stuck, or hopeless, and you need tools and inspiration to renew your belief in the possibility of a quirky love
* You want to be in a class where everyone also respects the single experience
* You want to date in an open, authentic way and deepen all of your connections, including your friends, so you have more intimacy, love, and connection in your life
* You’re interested in LAT (living apart together) and other forms of relationship where you might not completely merge or wear matching sweaters 🙂 With quirkytogether, anything is possible. You get to create and define it.

In our class, you learn how to:
* communicate your needs, quirks and desires with potential partners–and attract the right kind of date or partner for you
* let go of negative self-defeating thoughts and replace them with more open, positive ones
* get closer with people, sharing yourself more authentically and openly

In the coffee chat Thursday, we’ll get real about the ups and downs of dating, breakups, and heartbreak, and how staying clear about your quirkytogether vision can help you navigate the choppy waters of love. We hope you will join us!

Sign up HERE to get class information and the call-in details for Thursday’s Coffee Chat.

The QT101 class gets started January 25 and the early-bird discount is available until Thursday. Jump on board with us today! (Register HERE.)


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