Every day, more and more people use technology to organize their lives, including their to-do lists. But do we lose something when we do everything on a computer screen? I believe that handwritten lists are still the holy grail of listmaking—and I am declaring January 1, 2008 the official launch of a worldwide Save the To-Do List Campaign.

Save the To-Do List will kick off with New Year’s Day, our national holiday in celebration of listmaking. Whether we’re writing resolutions or top ten lists, New Year’s is when we’re most obsessed with lists, and we can enjoy the special powers and pleasure of taking pen to paper.

To participate in Save the To-Do List Campaign, please send your handwritten lists (especially New Year’s Resolutions) to todolistblog.com [email them to todolistblog AT gmail.com]. During January, five handwritten New Year’s Resolutions will be featured every week.

Why save the handwritten list? Here’s a list of five reasons why we shouldn’t stop making paper lists (regrettably typed):

1. Taking pen to paper just feels good.

2. Crossing off tasks–highly satisfying.

3. Electronic lists look generic, handwritten lists are unique to us.

(And therefore more effective at getting us to get things done.)

4. The act of writing is meditative. It focuses us to clear our heads and commit to our goals.

5. Doodling!

Please add your own in the comments.