Quirky-spotting: Steve Jobs and Downton Abbey

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One of my favorite things to do is quirky-spot. I like hunting for little quirky things in life. It gives life a little zest to notice the unusual. And of course there is nothing better than seeing the word “quirky” in print. Now, I am a partisan to this word of course. The essence of quirkiness is being real. Being quirky is not about making a special effort to be different. It’s about being who you are. Everyone on the planet is quirky, but the truly quirky ones say they are.

I give you two of my quirky-spottings from the last week from the physical newspaper. This might sound heretical, since I am a blogger and I teach online classes, but I vastly prefer to read the physical, print newspaper than to read the news online. Serendipitous discoveries are more fun and it’s more peaceful to read on paper:

From a San Francisco Chronicle review of the new biopic “Jobs”: the headline on the jump page is “Apple founder quirky at his core.” Of course. All of us are quirky at our core! With Steve Jobs the quirkyness was just more evident because he followed diverse passions in so many directions and pursued his individual visions in such a singular way.
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And here, in an Associated Press story about Downton Abbey: The show is gearing up for its fourth season and they are preparing to release Downton Abbey-brand beauty products and wine, among other merch. They want the products to be classy: “in keeping with the show’s posh-frothy image, the products being rolled out aim to be quirky rather than kitschy!”

“products will be quirky rather than kitschy!”

Meanwhile, I just posted a more serious and yet still fun post on the Huffington Post about writing a love letter to yourself: How to actually start loving yourself, Part One.

In this post, I give you instructions for writing a love letter to yourself. One of the graduates of my GetQuirky class who has done this in our class shared the story on her Facebook wall with this comment: “Everyone should try this. It works wonders. And it’s very fun to do.”

It’s true! Try it out and let me know how it goes in the comments.

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