Who would have ever guessed . . . people LOVE, I mean, LOVE to read their to-do lists aloud in public to a crowd? I’ve organized two List Slams so far, inviting people to read their lists as if they were reading poetry. Sometimes people bring lists, often they write their lists while they’re waiting for the event to start. They’ve read on everything from Things to Do Before Moving to Santa Barbara to 67 Things That Annoy Me to 10 Things No One Knew About Me Before Tonight. I am organizing two more List Slams so far in the New Year (January 8 and 10) and I want to offer YOU the opportunity to hold your own list slam. In our list-crazed world I believe there’s a big opportunity for more people to share their lists. . . so I want to offer you this primer on how to organize a List Slam for your friends or the community.

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Make signs such as “List Shrine” for people to tack up their lists.

Create a “list-writing station” for people to make impromptu lists.

Make a sign-up sheet and ask people who want to read their lists to sign up.

Let people read lists on anything they want, but you can always make it timely and seasonal: Resolutions for the New Year, love lists for February 14.

If YOU are interested in hosting a List Slam, send me your event i