You are never alone on Quirkyalone Day. Even as you celebrate your solitude, you dance wildly alone through your bedroom in your underwear, as you wander your neighborhood, or organize a party with your best friends or significant quirkyother, you are part of a larger celebration in the quirkynation. I wish you a very happy Quirkyalone Day. I send you much love to celebrate all kinds of love, including love for yourself.

Here is a super spontaneous Quirkyalone Day poem.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I love to be
In this wild crazy life with you

TODAY, here’s how we’re celebrating . . .

We’re wishing each other a Happy Quirkyalone Day at noon–wherever you are in the world.

Shout out your Quirkyalone Day greetings–or your poem–here:
Global International Quirkyalone Day Party on Facebook.

Share a poem, record a video, take a photo of you holding a homemade Quirkyalone Day card, post a quirky cat video. However you choose to celebrate, it’s all good!

On twitter, go ahead and wish us a happy quirkyalone day with the hashtag #quirkyaloneday.

I’m wishing you a day of bountiful love. See you at noon your time.