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Join Girls in Tech for an evening filled with extremely exciting and POWERFUL conversations. Have you ever wanted to start a company? Are you curious about the resources you need to start a company?

The Girls in Tech (GIT) Femme-POWER RoundUP was created to bring together female, company founders, CEOs and CTOs to discuss the trials and tribulations of starting and/or running a company, the Do’s and Don’ts when starting to develop a company concept, the “checklist,” and the skills and resources needed to achieve success in the short and long-term.

It is also important to show other women and girls that being a female in a man’s society should not discourage us from becoming the entrepreneurs that we’ve always wanted to be. Female founders and CEOs should serve as role models, educators and connectors to young, aspiring entrepreneurs to help them pave the path to success.

What’s the format?
We will start the event off with a quick, 30-minute Q&A with moderator, Sue Kwon asking the panelists questions about their personal experiences at work/starting their own company and the idea/passion behind it. After the Q&A, we’ll break out into four or five “RoundUP” sessions featuring two panelists at each roundtable engaging, interacting and conversing with smaller groups of attendees. This setting will also allow panelists to ask questions to the audience at their respective tables to better understand their career goals, objectives and what type of company they’re looking to create.

We will finish up with a cocktail celebration/networking event to mix, mingle and engage with the group.

Confirmed panelists include:

Aubrey Sabala, Digg
Kaamna Dhawan, Skewz.com
Rebecca Weeks, RealGirlsMedia
Vanessa Camones, TheMixAgency
Eve Phillips, Chirp Interactive
Jeanine LeFlore, LiveHit
Mary Hodder, Dabble
Jory Des Jardins, Blogher
Layne Gray, Vivanista
Sarah Lacy, BusinessWeek/Yahoo! Tech Ticker
Rebecca Parsons, ThoughtWorks
Sasha Cagen, StyleMob/Glam Media

Moderator: Sue Kwon, Anchorwoman, CBS 5

The cost is $25. To RSVP, please click on this link: