I’ve been really resentful of all the messages in my Facebook feed and all the emails in my inbox instructing me to reflect on 2012 so I can make 2013 the best year ever. I am all for reflection and thinking about what one wants (I trained as a life coach!) but there was something about the incessant “make 2013 the best year ever” messages that really got on my nerves this year. Too much pressure! Of course I’m the one who subscribed to all those bloggers so I have no one but to blame but myself for receiving all these messages, but I still feel like complaining about them publicly. There is almost something capitalist about it all. It used to be “new year new you” and now it’s “make 2013 the best year ever” and I just want to say, let’ s just lay off the pressure to reflect about what we did or did not accomplish in 2012 and enjoy 2013 without the pressure of living the best year ever.