What will a year of Turned-On Living look like for you? 

Create a turned-on life in community

Take everything you have learned through a million self-help books, and actually live it with skills of body-mind connection.

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Tap into the wisdom of your body to create a turned-on life   

Turned-On Living is an intimate yearlong, small group coaching program dedicated to reconnecting you to your life force energy, led by yours truly Sasha. This is an adventure in community, with a small group of women exploring together and supporting each other along the way.

My specialty is coaching highly accomplished women who want more for their lives beyond the standard stress cycles of American culture.

I have often thought that it would be great to bring some of my wonderful clients together in a mutually supportive group. That’s what we are doing here.

The Turned-On Living philosophy is simple: When you shift your attention to what makes you feel energized, everything else will naturally follow.

Your confidence, your clearest desires, and the ability to follow through and make them happen, or create whatever magic wants to happen in your life.

Why is the program yearlong? Because making a change this embodied and deep to build your life force energy, self-worth, and confidence takes practice, and it goes way better with community.

I am committed to being there with you for a whole year because I have seen time and again in my 13+ years of coaching that true changes take root over time with repeated practice. I don’t teach quick fixes. I teach sustainable growth.

We can also form strong bonds and really get to know each other over a year.

We focus on body and mind because the fastest way to make changes in your life is to get out of your head and connect with your body. 



What You Will Get Out of It


  • A community of open-minded, dynamic women who are helping each other to get clear about what they really want for their lives… with the courage and support to make it happen… and an experienced life and executive coach guiding you along the way
  • Know yourself better, and most importantly, understand what truly makes you happy
  • Set new habits in your daily routine and your mindset to live a turned-on life, whatever that looks like for you
  • Stop people-pleasing, and instead learn how to speak up for your needs and desires
  • Create boundaries in your work life so that work doesn’t suck your soul and instead nourishes you
  • Identify and speak up for what you want
  • (Re)disover your own sensuality and sexuality that can be harnessed and enjoyed alone, and doesn’t rely on a partner.
  • Practice being real and vulnerable with the women in the group

"Turned-On Living has been profoundly life-changing. Now I have tools, habits, movements, emotional support and a cheering section as I build a happier life.”

Jill W., New Jersey

How it works

Every month has a theme. From anti-people-pleasing to prioritizing pleasure, you learn skills and daily practices that I have found to be most essential in creating a “turned-on life.” 

Here’s how the magic happens.

Three Weekly 75-Minute Group Coaching Calls per Month: We begin every meeting with a “wiggle,” a dance, as we dive into our topic for the month. 

“Playwork” and Reading: Through the books we read together you’ll cultivate new empowered perspectives. The “playwork” will get you moving, acting, and breathing differently.

A private Whatsapp group where we share experiences with the “playwork” – and you can ask me questions. E.g. “Am I doing this pussywalking thing right?”, etc.!

A Monthly Check-In Buddy: Our monthly check-in buddy structure helps you to connect on a more in-depth level with others in the group.

Four 15-minute check-ins quarterly. Personalized help from me on whatever is blocking you, such as visioning or connecting with your body.

A weekend IRL retreat in Providence, Rhode Island. We meet in person to bond, walk along the “Pussywalking Path” in Providence, and dance together. (Retreat is a separate cost–and is amazing!)


"It’s been wonderful to share experiences, see commonalities, learn and grow together, and collectively build a community! The members of the group are non-judgmental, inspiring, and incredibly supportive.”

Davina Bhandari, Toronto, TOL 2023 Cohort

“Practicing pussywalking with the group has helped me to access an inner source of power that is always there when I look for it."

Shana, North Carolina, TOL 2023


Your Guide to TOL

Words from Sasha


 I know what it’s like to get lost in all the shoulds of adulthood. It’s all too easy to lose touch with what we really want to do because we are busy checking off the boxes of society.




When I became a life and executive coach back in 2012, my mission became helping overthinking, smart, quirky women get back into their bodies and into their joy and pleasure as a path of knowing themselves and getting unstuck.

"I highly recommend Turned-On Living if you're in need of a wriggle out of the darkness and someone to provide the necessary encouragement and options to find your version of a turned-on life."

Maggie Buford, Austin, Texas

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The Adventure Awaits

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The group size is limited to 12 or fewer, so I talk to each person to create the right mix of people.