About Turned-On Living

Turn on your life in community

Do you long to get real and have meaningful conversations with other women?

Do you want to bond with others on the path of personal (and female) empowerment as you foster a greater sense of connection with yourself, your power, your dreams, and your self-worth?

After 12 years of coaching women one-on-one, I am thrilled to offer Turned-On Living, a yearlong small group coaching program.

Join a Small Community of Women Dedicated to Living a Turned-On Life, Coached by Sasha

There is power in groups… in sharing, especially the experiences that we don’t often get to compare notes about.

In Turned-On Living, we create a family-like setting in a group of 10 or fewer women, where the shared goal is living a vibrant life at every age. We go on a journey together for a year, getting to know each other and supporting each other.

We get real, and practice being vulnerable, as we go on a journey of self-empowerment.

This Turned-On Living work in community will get you out of your head and into your body, creating, and having fun in the company of fabulous women, hand-chosen by me to create a vibrant group.


The Curriculum

What we cover

Turned-On Living is an intimate yearlong group coaching program dedicated to freeing you from the bullshit that drags you down, such as people-pleasing, and reconnecting you to your life force energy so that you can create a turned-on life, at any age. 

The curriculum is based on all I have learned in 12 years of coaching highly achieving, often overly conscientious, brilliant women who are ready to bust loose, and all the lived experience and study for my memoir WET.

You center yourself in pleasure and intention, and do it with the support of a group united in a shared goal: a year of turned-on living, whatever that means for each person.

Within a supportive, structured, and fun community, we share our experiences (wins and challenges), learn from each other, and give and receive support toward our personal turned-on visions.

Every month has a theme. 

  • Creating the group and structure for giving and receiving support and getting to know each other 
  • Embodied Self-Compassion
  • Pleasure
  • Your Turned-On Life Vision
  • Anti-People Pleasing (AKA Are you “too nice”?)
  • Embodied Self-Confidence
  • Fun
  • Rest
  • Embodied Decisions
  • Self-Marriage
  • Self-Trust


There are three 75-minute live calls a month, scheduled so that you know the times and them in your schedule.

We also do two half-hour sessions monthly; a themed guided pussywalk (on topics like your inner smile [a female Taoist sexuality concept] to awaken your natural sexual energy, or wholeness, and a joyful self-compassion session to open your heart throughout the year. True change happens over time. We repeat the same practices to go on that slow sea change together.

Everything we do will have a mind-body element, because this kind of deep change takes root in your body.