The best, most fun, and enlightening way to get your mojo back…for 2023 and beyond

A way to get clear about what you really want…and to go after it…

In community… with personalized support… things we are all craving 

Turned-On Living 2023 is an intimate yearlong group coaching program dedicated to reconnecting you to your life force energy, led by yours truly Sasha. This will be an adventure in community, with a small group of women exploring together and supporting each other along the way.

We get started in January. Here’s the month-by-month curriculum.

Want to be part of the cohort for this life-changing voyage?

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Everything is up for re-evaluation after a multi-year pandemic.

What will a year of turned-on living look like for you? 

A cohort is forming for Turned-On Living 2023.

I am so excited to bring a small, supportive group of women who resonate with my work together for a year of adventure, exploration, and growth.

 Have you tried pussywalking yet? Well, that’s just the beginning of what we will be learning together. I will be sharing with you what I know works from my ten-plus years of coaching, writing and researching for my memoir WET and my most intimate and important teachings. Think of it as sacred sexuality and personal development to help you live your most turned-on life.

Who it’s for

My specialty is coaching highly accomplished women who want more for their lives beyond the standard stress cycles of American culture.

I have often thought that it would be great to bring some of my wonderful clients together in a mutually supportive group. That’s what we are doing here.

The Philosophy

The Turned-On Living philosophy is simple: When you shift your attention to what makes you feel energized, and gives you pleasure (and a sense of meaning), everything else will naturally follow.

Your confidence, your clearest desires, and the ability to follow through and make them happen, or create whatever magic wants to happen in your life.

I’ve seen this happen so many times, especially for clients going through transitions. The opposite is also true. Pleasure begets pleasure, pain begets pain. 

To turn toward what feels good, and even know what we really want, we need to get out of our heads and connect with our bodies to make embodied decisions. We also need to develop the self-worth and commitment to make prioritizing our own well-being (and rest) a consistent practice. 

Learning the tools of Turned-On Living will restore the feeling that you can have agency over how you respond to others, your mood, and what you believe about yourself. These tools will help you to have more resilience, calm, self-worth, and self-appreciation.

Turned-On Living 2023 will help you:

  • Make concrete changes in your daily routine and your mindset to help you live a “turned-on life” whatever that looks like for you (each person’s answer will be unique)
  • Know yourself better, and most importantly, understand what truly makes you happy.
  • Build self-worth, stop people-pleasing as a habit, and instead learn to communicate your needs and feelings without breaking connection with others
  • Design and commit (and recommit) to daily practices of  embodied self-love and pleasure to keep you on the turned-on living path, and loving yourself and others in your life more deeply.
  • Get out of your head and connect with your body again
  • Feel more confident, alive, spontaneous, and present.
  • Explore the idea that building your sensual and sexual energy as a woman could help you out in all areas of your life, at every age.
  • Take everything you have learned through a million self-help books and live it off the page.
  • Be in community with other women hand-picked by me who have a shared goal to grow, explore and support each other. Being in a group also helps you feel a lot less alone with the challenges of life and being a woman.

Why is it yearlong?

Because making a change this embodied and deep to build your life force energy, self-worth, and confidence takes practice, and it goes way better with community.

I am committed to being there with you for a whole year because I know and have seen time and again in my 10+ years of coaching that true changes take root over time with repeated practice.

Empowerment goes deeper when you are putting it in your body with practices of embodied self-love.

We can also form strong bonds and really get to know each other over a year.

Who It’s For

A small group of women, adventurous, fabulous, smart, kind, caring women. Everyone will be interviewed and chosen specifically to create a kickass, supportive group. 12 max.

The Time Commitment

Three hours a month, minimum, for our calls–you can listen to recordings if you can’t join live–and time that will be woven into everyday life.


You can do this program from your home. The Zoom calls with Sasha happen on weekends and evenings, ET. Some calls will be on the phone for “pussywalking” walk and talks.

We may do an (optional) retreat during the year. We’ll talk about where in the first couple of months.

Possibilities include Beach + Waterfalls in Florianopolis, Brazil, Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina; or Dancing in the Woods in Rhode Island. There may even be self-marriage ceremonies at this retreat!


The deadline to sign up is November 30.

We will launch in January.

How to be part of the cohort

I am talking with each person individually.

Interested in Turned-On Living 2023?

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If it feels like a good fit, we will set up a time for our interview.

Note: Spaces are limited and some of the spots are already claimed! So if this is calling to you, reach out!

I was happily surprised by the level of openness that was met by every women at the WET workshop. Sasha Cagen has the natural talent to bring together women and ease them into very personal yet critical topics that are rarely directly addressed.  We shared stories and insights, laughed a lot, and learned powerful tools that will undoubtedly impact ​our life journeys. 

Claire Berjot

Participant in previous "Wet Women" workshop in Buenos Aires

Four radiant women displaying the international sign for “I Practice the P-Walk” after taking a Pussywalking Workshop with me in Buenos AIres. Pussywalking is one of the many things we will do together in Turned-On Living.