Live from Ubud, Bali–Learn about Turned-On Living with me on a Community Zoom!

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After taking a two-year break from working on my latest book Wet (because I was severely burned out on this project–let’s say, I had even grown DRY), I came to Bali to work on the manuscript again, because I had an intuition that spending two months on this very special island could help me get this project out into the world.

Things are going well enough in my creative work that I am feeling the freedom to come out of my cave of isolation and take time to connect with you, my dear readers and clients, past, present and future, about Turned-On Living, in a LIVE ZOOM from BALI!

What is TURNED-ON LIVING? My new and favorite way to explain Turned-On Living goes like this.

We all have a light inside of us. That inner flame can be strengthened through care, attention, and community support, or it can go dark in all the pressures of modern life in an individualist society, when our inner critic takes control, and when we are focused purely on checking off our ever-expanding to-do lists. Our lists also go dark when we don’t have clarity about what we really want or boundaries to protect what is most precious to us.

Turned-On Living is my yearlong small group coaching program that brings together women who resonate with my work: my books Quirkyalone and To-Do List, the embodiment practice Pussywalking that I created to help women  step into their power, and my philosophy about living your life to the fullest whether you are single or partnered.

Turned-On Living teaches you how to keep your inner candle lit, so that you can live a turned-on life, whatever that looks like for you. It will also help you get clear about what you really want for your life, through connecting with your body. We do this work together, while practicing being vulnerable and real, in community.

Is Turned-On Living of interest to you? A new small group of women will begin this life-changing adventure with me again in September.

Turned-On Living is about the long game of transformation. I don’t believe in quick fixes or that epiphanies can do the work of change for us. Because it’s a big deal to spend a whole year together, I want to start the conversation now, early.

My eyes and ears are “casting” the group, bringing together the right mix of people to support each other. I have in-depth interviews with each person to create the right chemistry in the group of safety and care.

So here’s the plan. Let’s start the conversation now in April to create the magic.

On Tuesday, April 9, at 8 pm ET, 5 pm PT… let’s connect on Zoom! Sign up here.

What: A Live Zoom about Turned-On Living from Bali.

What we will do: First, we will dance, because we start every Turned-On Living meeting with dancing.

Then I will walk you through the curriculum of what we do in Turned-On Living, month-by-month. Each month has a theme, so I will tell you about  what you will get out of each experiential adventure (from Embodied Self-Compassion and Prioritizing Pleasure to Anti-People-Pleasing and Boldness).

I’ll point out a few commonalities that I am seeing in the Balinese approach to life and spirituality and my approach in Turned-On Living. Now that I have spent seven weeks total on this island (between my first trip in September 2023 and this current one), I am forming impressions about what makes Bali so special. There’s a lot to learn from Balinese people, who truly operate according to “karma.”

You can ask me any questions you have… and we’ll chat!

When: Tuesday, April 9, 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT.

I’ll get up early to share with you at 8 am Ubud time. I can show you some scenes of the extremely green, beautiful rice fields where I am staying in the very unique neighborhood Penestanan.

How long: We will go for about an hour, maybe 75 minutes. Be sure to come on time! If you can’t make it, you will get a recording. But you need to sign up to get it.

Why join? If you are interested in Turned-On Living, if you are interested in Bali, if you want to connect.

See you there!



P.S.  The deadline to apply to be part of the TOL 2024 group starting in September is July 1.

Spaces are limited because everything I do is intimate. Do you already feel called to be part of this? To get the ball rolling and secure your place, fill out this form and tell me more about you.

Preparing for a Water Purification Ritual, led by Luh, a Balinese spiritual guide

Luh leading me down the path to the water temple in a part of Ubud that has until now escaped notice from tourists… ahhhhh

  My friend Naja invited me to his temple, and I was the only non-Balinese person among more than 2,000 people present for a ceremony that coincided with the New Moon in March. Naja said it’s fine to share photos, and Luh agreed. I felt very privileged to be there. I’ll be sharing more about that experience in a separate blog post.

At work in Bali in the heat.

At Nirwa Homestay, one of the lovely places where I have stayed over the last month

This photo was taken on Organic Sari Walk. The sunsets along Ubud’s rice fields are stunning.



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