Online Dance Party: Turned-On Living for Tough Times

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Tough times call for Turned-On Living.

When life gets hard, it’s time to come back to ourselves.

I’m hosting an Online Dance Party on Wednesday, October 25 at 8 pm ET / 5 pm PT to bring together my readers and clients.

In between songs, I’ll talk about the topic of cultivating  Turned-On Living in tough times. What do you do to come back to yourself during times of overwhelm and discombobulation? Why is it important to keep focused on joy and pleasure even, or especially, when the world is in disarray?

Turned-On Living is a philosophy about returning to rituals of joys and pleasure to fuel ourselves for life, and connecting with our bodies to know what we feel and what we want.

Turned-On Living is also a yearlong small group coaching program that I lead with a curated group of women. The 2023 cohort has been absolutely wonderful. Those women are soon coming to Providence to be together in a retreat. And it’s time to start creating the 2024 cohort.

Are you interested in learning the practices that support living a Turned-On Life, whatever that looks like for you?

We can learn so much from each other. We are all much more similar than we realize.

To learn more about Turned-On Living, check out this page and get in touch to let me know if you want to be considered to be part of the 2024 cohort. We can talk and discover whether it’s a fit.

To sign up for the online dance party, please enter your email in the box below. See you soon, to dance and chat! 



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