Turned-On Living 

Turned-On Living Group Coaching Testimonials

Here’s what women who are part of the 2023 TOL Cohort say about the experience. 

Jill, from New York City, on Yelp

“I hired Sasha as a coach several years ago to help me deal with a breakup and found her guidance essential and transformative! Sasha is a thoughtful, unique, and caring person, and a coach who shares how she is walking the same types of healing journeys as her clients. 

I’m also part of Sasha’s new Turned-On Living program of group learning, co-creation, and community. 

Combined with the one-on-one coaching, Turned-On Living has been a synergistic combo that has supercharged my life in just the ways I need! Sasha’s combination of somatic and other teachings around embodiment in a group context are profoundly life-changing. I have tools, habits, movements, emotional support, and a cheering section as I build a happier life for myself.

I’m crazy about these ladies in the TOL group. Each woman is so unique and fantastic!

Davina Bhandari, Toronto, on Google My Business

“I have had the privilege of working with Sasha both through her one-on-one coaching and as a member of her Turned-On Living group.

During our one-on-one coaching, Sasha excels as a great listener and is knowledgeable, empathetic and skillfully manages to get me out of my head. The personalized “playwork” (homework) assigned after each session, reinforces the concepts covered, enabling me to make progress on my life goals. I feel stronger both mentally and emotionally after working with Sasha and have a clearer sense of what I want out of life. I highly recommend Sasha as a life coach!

Additionally, I joined Sasha’s Turned-On Living group coaching this year. I am enjoying the structure of the group where each month we have a theme (such as anti-people pleasing, visioning), along with a thought-provoking book on the theme that we go through together with the group. 

We are halfway through the year and it’s been a great experience so far. It’s been wonderful to be able to share experiences with the group, see the commonalities, learn and grow together, and collectively build a community! 

The members of the group are non-judgmental, inspiring, and incredibly supportive. With Sasha as our excellent facilitator and guide, I’m glad to be able to take this journey together with the group to live a more turned-on life!”

Maggie Buford, Austin, Google My Business

When the Turned-On Living group coaching came across my email, I knew it was my time to work with Sasha. She aligned so well with my own inner knowing journey and has continued to light my way through the year.

The group coaching is exactly what I needed: Women from different walks of life coming together to explore the connection with themselves and the world, their bodies, and big questions. Sasha holds each of us, giving space while keeping us on track every step of the way. 

Since the beginning, we’ve been a part of creating what the program looks like together. Sasha hears what we need, she has the ability to uncover what’s underneath and guide us to discovery. I couldn’t imagine another teacher-storyteller for this journey. 

Sasha brings joy, compassion, and a sense of delightful fun to sessions. I highly recommend her if you’re in need of a wriggle out of the darkness and someone to provide the necessary encouragement and options to find your version of a turned-on life.”

Shana, North Carolina

The Turned-On Living journey is a deeply personal exploration undertaken with the warm embrace of a women’s tribe.  My favorite has been the month of embodiment – turning over the stones of social conditioning and rewriting the script for full somatic presence, body acceptance, and agency through pussywalking, dance, and visualization.  

Practicing pussywalking with the group has helped me to access an inner source of power that is always there when I go to look for it.

Sasha and the Turned On Living Tribe not only support you in your life as it currently is; they help you build the scaffold to step up towards your ‘And what else?’”