Turned-On Living 2023 Curriculum

A yearlong group coaching program (or an adventure) based on my ten-plus years of coaching high-achieving women and all the research for my memoir WET

The goal is to help you center yourself in pleasure and intention for the year to come, and to do it with the support of a group of women who will be united in a shared goal: a year of turned-on living, whatever that means for you.

In community, within a supportive, structured, and fun environment, we can share our experiences, learn from each other, and give and receive support toward our personal turned-on goals for the year.

The secret sauce–what makes Turned-On Living special–is that I will be guiding you in practices and embodiment tools to connect you with your life force energy as you focus on your goals.

We will be living this adventure together as a curated group of women.

The Cohort

The group will be 12 women max.

I will interview each person to create an amazing cohort. 

Every person will be vetted to ensure the right fit.

The intimacy of this program will make it special. I will be sharing things that I have learned in my ten-plus years of coaching women, writing Wet, and my personal exploration that I don’t share in the newsletter or on social media in this special group, and getting to know each of you deeply along the way as we get to know each other. 

Turned-On Living 2023: Curriculum

Here is an outline for the topics we will dive into through Turned-On Living 2023 Group Coaching Adventure. This monthly schedule is not set in stone. 

We will do a topic inventory in January to discover the common topics that are most important to all of us.

This will be a cocreated adventure with this unique cohort of women. Some things may change and evolve, but only to make it a better fit for the group.

Your feedback is welcome in the creation process. 

When you look at this, what jumps out at you?  What do you see for yourself as important in this year? Which are the “your name” months? 

What would you like to see here? 

What is powerful about being part of a group like this one? What do you want to cocreate with others?


Introductions and Turned-On Living Intentions. Getting to know each other and our intentions, beginning to define what turned-on living looks for each of us.

This will be the beginning of creating a space to be real, and vulnerable, give and receive support, play, form new friendships and getting to know ourselves in a new way. 

We’ll also learn how to set intentions for the year from Sasha’s story, research, and each other.


Embodied self-love and self-compassion. Starting out with pussywalking and other body-mind practices to root love in you as a physical sensation of warmth and love for yourself first of all.

Making vows to yourself for the year for how you talk to and treat yourself (similar to self-wedding vows later developed in November, self-marriage month).

Turned-On Living is a yearlong program. Transformation happens over time; the practices you start learning in February will pave the way for changes that happen throughout the year. 


Prioritizing Pleasure. Often we lose touch with joy and pleasure in adulthood. In March we dive into exploring what it looks like to prioritize our own pleasure in our work, our home, our relationships, in our relationship with ourselves. 

We’ll be looking into pleasure in unique and new ways to find pleasure in everything that we do. Even dull tasks on a to-do list can be turned into pleasurable experiences. 

There will be simple practices to keep you dancing and breathing more deeply in states of subtle pleasure. We will even explore cold showers and self-pleasure. You’ll learn about the science of pleasure and how it fuels growth and confidence.  We’ll be sharing how this all goes in our biweekly calls and on the private group.


Visioning and values. Getting clear about what you really want for your life now, and in the next phases … to become clear about what you desire. It’s so important to be clear about what we really want–we get lost when we don’t know and we’re not able to say it out loud.

I will teach you to write visions in a particular way and read them out loud to each other. If you have blocks in imagining certain areas of life, you’ll get support.

We do visioning from an embodied place with pussywalking to help clarify your vision and body-mind embodiment tools to get unstuck and open the floodgates of your imagination.

When there is desire, there is also fear. We will also talk about how to deal with fears that inevitably come up. I will teach cognitive and somatic strategies to move through blocks.  


Anti People-Pleasing Month. People-pleasing drains our turn-on. Bcoming more assertive and honest will be a theme of Turned-On Living. The truth is a turn-on.

We will be workshopping specific situations in everyone’s lives and learning new ways to speak up for yourself without breaking connection. We will talk clearly about how to say no and how to say yes.

We will also use physical, sensual empowerment exercises to embody the knowledge that it’s OK to stand up for our own needs and intrinsic worth. 


Embodied Confidence. We will explore embodied confidence with the summer upon us – what does your summer of turned-on living look like? 

There will be challenges since we grow through doing new things. Each person’s challenge will be different. 

Whatever your core fear is, in this group with the support of everyone you will be starting to face fears to show the universe you are ready to level up. 


Fun and Adventure. Most of my clients are yearning for more fun. We are going to focus on our capacity to have a good time. All the fun we have—and the rest we take—is in service of our personal turned-on goals for the year. 

These months come after the foundational ones—fun is important for a turned-on life too.


Rest. Many of my clients have trouble taking time to rest. Rest will be an important theme of TOL yearrround (you need to be rested to feel turned-on!). 

This August we will take inspiration from the French who typically take August off. We will look at intentional rest vs collapse.


Embodied Decisions. Learning how to check your body’s responses to help guide decisions. This kind of intuition can provide a shortcut to get out of analysis paralysis … and give you a new way to move through life toward what excites you and to nourishing yourself with generous rest. 

Exploring what a whole-body yes feels like, a whole-body no, and maybe. We will get into practicum of saying embodied yesses and nos.


Asking for What You Want. We are going to practice asking for what we really want as a community in a way that will transform your ability to make requests … so fun when you get into your BAD girl and what she really wants. This includes work, relationships, sex, and any place that matters in your life.


Self-marriage. That cliche that you have to love yourself before you can love others…that’s actually true. What do you want in a relationship with your perfect partner? How can you give more of that to yourself? 

This month will give you a taste of marrying yourself with a look at the first steps in the creative process so you can decide if that is something you want to do… or maybe you just want to date yourself for now. 🙂 Note: self-marriage is inherently polyamorous/polygamous for most!


Boldness. To send you into 2024 in style and we will review any topics that need a refresh and encouragement.

Curious about joining in this adventure?

I talk with each person on Zoom to curate a fabulous group. 

Want to explore being part of the next cohort?