It’s the first week of my current adventure in South America and it’s not been without its difficulties, adapting to a gluten-free life in a country where people don’t know what gluten is. But all cares melt away when you do the Chichoky! I love this dance. The first video above shows some adorable little kids dancing Chichoky, a dance that is unique to Cali. The second is instructional so you can try it too.

Last night I went out to one of my favorite dance clubs in Cali where people’s bodies are so loose, they are so twirly in their turns, and the dance floor is a free-for-all of varied styles. After two hours of salsa, one of the famous dance instructors Canelo led everyone in a tribal Chichoky. Everyone left couple formation and lined up behind him. Think Macarena but way better. A lot of hopping back forth and hands way up in the air, it’s almost like a worship of the moment. All cares are evaporated by the Chichoky.