What you need is self-discovery. What you want is an adventure.

Travel can change your life.

I know this to be true because travel has changed mine. Many times.

Let me tell you about the first time.

My first job out of college was doing communications for labor unions and nonprofits. I was passionate about social change, but after two years, writing press releases drained my spirit. I was crying in the bathroom at work, but I didn’t have the courage to quit.

My friend Annie showed me photos from a trip to Cuba. Her photos of an alley filled with red, yellow, and gold murals captivated me. This was an alley in Havana where people would dance the “rumba” every Sunday. I felt seized with energy that I wanted to see that place. I decided to join an educational tour to Cuba.

Havana renewed me. I got jolts of energy and inspiration from the experiential cultural adventure that month. From the people I met. By the dancing in the streets. By the intelligence of people I met who had such energy for life. The act of going to Cuba took courage, and the culture woke me up to a more vibrant way of life. When I came back to San Francisco, staying stuck was no longer an option.

I took a leap of faith to quit that job and start my own print magazine To-Do List. In the premiere issue of To-Do List, I published the original Quirkyalone essay that then led to that book then the quirkyalone movement then the quirky movement and this website you are on today.

One leap led to another. That is how it works. Courage begets more courage.

Travel creates a liminal zone.
Liminal is an anthropology term to describe in-between states, in where experiences, new ways of seeing, happen.

Travel can give you:
–a new outlook on life
–creative inspiration
–courage to make changes
–a new way of seeing yourself and the world
–more sensuality and vitality

Because I know that travel can be so powerful, I have made transformative travel an important part of my coaching business.

Sometimes you need an experience to kickstart change, to grow your confidence, and show you what’s possible.

Since 2014, I have offered transformative travel experiences in Buenos Aires and now in Brazil too.

Come on a transformative travel adventure with me + my team.

Own your sensuality in Brazil

Come away for a Body-Positive Adventure Workshop in Florianopolis. Explore the revolutionary life potential of connecting to your own sensuality and making the shift to accept and celebrate the body you are in now. Get support from other women to see your beauty, learn “pussywalking”–a way of connecting to your feminine power that you can turn on at any time when you need it, and do a boudoir-photo-shoot-in-nature with Natalia to own your unique beauty.

Learn tango as a metaphor for life

The Tango Adventure in Buenos Aires is not just a stamp on your passport, it’s a transformative experience. We support you to take your first tango steps in Buenos Aires and help you uncover what tango has to teach you about connection, confidence, being a woman, and walking tall.