Sasha’s assistant + Tango Adventure Coordinator

Julia is my assistant and coordinator for the Tango Adventure and for content and coaching. If you come on a Tango Adventure you will get to know the wonderful Julia. A Brazilian-Argentine film student, photographer, production coordinator for film shoots, and young feminist, Julia makes the magic happen when crafting our Tango Adventure Itineraries. She also brings her great heart and warm personality to help make your experience in Buenos Aires smooth and beautiful.

If you contact me for coaching you may also hear from Julia.

Julia is also the photo assistant for the Tango Goddess Photo Shoot so if you do this special experience Julia will assist you in your transformation.



Videographer + Tango Goddess Photographer

Turkish-born Tan is an award-winning photographer from Istanbul living in Buenos Aires. Tan shoots for Netflix and SONY. 

Tan also helps me make videos–the most famous one: the pussywalking video!

When he’s not shooting for TV and documentaries or helping me make videos Tan helps women and men find their own unique beauty and style in a Tango Goddess Photo Shoot: a totally Buenos Aires experience that we created for you.

If you do a Tango Goddess Photo Shoot, Tan will have coffee with you before the shoot to understand what you want and encourage you to uncover your unique Goddess look(s). He will make you feel comfortable if you’ve never been in front of the camera as a model. A very kind person as well as a hyper-talented photographer, Tan is always committed to bringing out the best in you. 

Here are more people who help me help you ….

Meet the rest of the Tango Adventure team I have brought together for your magical transformative experience through tango in Buenos Aires here.

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