I am so excited to announce the dates for the next two Quirky Tango Adventures in Buenos Aires.

The next adventures will be in February 21-28 and March 14-21.

We timed these dates so you can get out of the last throes of winter and enjoy the warmth in the South.

If you want to:
–meet like-minded quirkyalones. . .
–discover a beautiful, energetic, artistic city in South America. . .
–connect, be present, and get out of your comfort zone by learning the magical dance of tango and have the kind of authentic experience will not find on any other trip. . .
–“embrace your inner sex kitten”: that’s what one woman told us she was there to do on the first Tango Adventure, and that she did 🙂

Then we invite you to join us on this 7-day trip!

Watch the video and you will see some of our shenanigans and dancing from the first adventure in May. Jacuzzi, tango shoes, tangasms, and all.

The group size is limited for each trip so if you want to come seize the moment.