Note: When you watch this video, skip to 2:30. That’s when the audio kicks in!

This week I did the first inaugural monthly Quirky Community Chat on spreecast, a video platform where you can ask questions and even join me. Every month there will be a different topic, and this first topic was TANGO and personal growth. What can we learn from the dance of tango, and dance in general, for our personal growth?

In this talk, we chatted about:
–the power of playing with masculinity and femininity in gender polarity
–the tangasm (the all-over body orgasm you can feel in tango)
–learning how to connect to yourself and another in dance as a metaphor for connecting to yourself and another in a relationship

These are all topics we are going to dive deep in in the Quirky-Sexy Tango Adventure coming up in late May (May 24-31)! There are just a few more spaces and I am so looking forward to this adventure.

Let me know if you have questions about the Buenos Aires adventure, or topics for future Quirky Community Chats.