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What will tango teach you for your life?   

What if I told you that you could:

  1. Explore intimacy
  2. Become more confident 
  3. Reconnect to yourself and your sensuality 
  4. Free yourself from shame that you have been holding in your body
  5. Chart a new path for your work or your love life
  6. And you could do all that while also becoming a better dancer and working on the goals that are most important to you with a Master Life Coach?!

You don’t have to know how to tango. You can be a total beginner or have a few years tango or other dance experience. You can be any age. 

Tango Your Life is a life-coaching program that will help you connect with your body as we work on your goals. 

How Tango Your Life Works 

 6- month Life-Coaching program

Tango Your Life gets you moving with a combination of life coaching sessions and learning tango via private lessons on Zoom. 

2 Life Coaching sessions a month with Sasha, 2 Private tango lessons via Zoom with Wanda, and behind the scenes, Sasha shares (with your permission) the topics you are exploring in tango to create a personalized tango program with Wanda, putting those lessons in your body. 24 sessions total.

What makes Tango Your Life unique is that you’ll be integrating your body into your life-coaching journey. You’ll be amazed by the connections you’ll find between coaching, personal development, and dance.

This life-changing work will stay with you because it becomes embedded in your physicality. When you anchor a lesson in your body beyond your brain, it becomes part of you. 

Email support between sessions on your action plan (playwork) and tango. 

Transformative tango curriculum in dance technique, culture, history, music, and philosophy. You’ll learn original Argentine tango culture from an Argentine and American, not the Dancing with the Stars choreographed version, with references specific to you, your age, gender, body type, and interests.

Personally curated life-coaching and tango tools and resources.  When the pandemic is over, you will have the tools to go to milongas and classes feeling in-the-know.

A private Facebook group with other graduates of Tango Your Life Coaching program. When it’s safe to travel again, you might choose to come together to Buenos Aires to dance. We give you insider connections to support you.

The coaching program will be tailored to meet your specific goals. 

A special note for survivors of sexual abuse and assault. This program is a wonderful thing to do after starting your healing journey in therapy. Like yoga, tango can be a beautiful way to work through the impact of past trauma left in your body, such as shame that you may be carrying in your body. Tango can be a powerful modality for many who have struggled with touch and trust. Working with Sasha will give you a safe trauma-aware space to talk about the meaning of what you are discovering through dance as you adopt a new body posture. The tango lessons with Wanda will let you take on a new way of healing the impact of past trauma.

“I love that you and Wanda are adapting your game-changing tango plus life-coaching to the current times! Combining tango and coaching was so motivating and a wonderful experience for me, and I know it will be a wonderful experience for new clients.“–Kerry Lander, Melbourne, Australia

You’ll use tango as a mirror


As in tango, as in life. Whatever is going on in your life will be revealed through tango, and vice versa. When you find a way to work on your personal issues through your body, you will find aha moments to light the way and anchor the changes in you. When you get to talk about these aha moments in your life coaching sessions, their impact is even bigger.

Why tango and not salsa, or another dance? Tango is an improvisational dance. Unlike most dances, there is no choreography.

 In every moment, we take another tango step, not knowing what’s coming next. Just like life, playfulness, curiosity, and finding personal balance are key. This makes tango a beautiful metaphor for finding everything you need within yourself to walk through life in a new, more confident and grounded way.  

“Working with Sasha and Wanda in tango life coaching has been an amazing and life-changing experience! Both of them are very genuine, caring people and great at what they do. The combination of coaching and tango has opened me up to a whole new way of being–one where I feel a sense of creativity, exploration, and curiosity. Instead of working against myself and my body (like I have done for many years because of childhood trauma), I am learning to enjoy my body to find more healing. This work (which has felt like play) has helped me feel more connection and pleasure. I have so many tools to keep improving all of my relationships. I am so grateful!”–Mindy Lathen, Doula, Utah

Tango Your Life at Home 

 We designed this program to make it easy for you to do from the comfort of home. 

Your sessions with Sasha take place over phone, Skype or Whatsapp, and your lessons with Wanda on Zoom.

Surprisingly, we’ve discovered though the pandemic that learning tango at home via private Zoom tango lessons can be a better way to learn proper form than group classes because you are forced to develop a new level of connection with your body.   People often develop bad habits in group classes when learning steps.

Through our methodology, and all the personalized attention you receive, you develop a body awareness and balance that will make you an even stronger dancer moving forward. 

“Tango as a ‘practice’ is so healing. We don’t get that kind of embrace and connection in the US. It’s not about the steps. It’s life changing. Thank you, Sasha, for your sensitivity, your heart, and sharing your profound connections!”–Justyn Livingston, Tile Artist, Bend, Oregon

Who Tango Your Life is for

Adults of every age–there is no expiration date on tango dreams. If you can walk and hug, you’ll do fine. 

From total beginner to years dancing

Single, dating, partnered, married, poly…all good.

No need for a partner.

This program is designed for you to do on your own to build a foundation in your own body for a fluid partnership on the dance floor.

The essence of tango is connection. To connect with someone else on the dance floor, first you must connect with yourself. We give you instruction on how to practice with a partner (a friend, a life partner, or a fellow dancer).

I can’t tell you how much this work about physical presence with you Sasha has impacted me. I work for Wall Street banks and there are very few role models of authentic femininity. I find myself relating differently to people in meetings. I feel more powerful and connected to my total authentic self. I am more visibly relaxed and can lead and listen from a place of confidence. A lot of girls and women present their physical selves in the world as if we are small, delicate and vulnerable rather than embodying our physical selves as strong and confident. If I go into a meeting with the image of being a queen with a crown on my head then what happens?”–Martha, Management Consultant, Chicago

Why I created the Tango Your Life Coaching Program 

Wanda (middle) and Sasha (right) assisting with Diane’s tango goddess transformation

Tango Your Life is created from the heart based on all the knowledge I collected in ten years of research in my own body-mind healing, chronicled in my forthcoming memoir Wet, which tells the story of healing from the impact of childhood sexual abuse. 

I fell in love with tango in Colombia in 2010 during a yearlong solo backpacking trip in South America. My tango passion grew in Buenos Aires where I lived for six years immersed in the study of tango and PsicoTango. 

I’m a Master Life Coach working with clients since 2013 (trained in CTI [Coach Training Institute] principles, the largest coach training organization in the world).

My diverse background in business, publishing, female empowerment, and healing allows me to help clients in a variety of ways, from negotiating business deals to deepening intimacy.

I invited Wanda to join me in creating this program after we spent four years working together leading a transformative tango tour in Buenos Aires.

Wanda is Argentine, an architect-turned-tango-teacher, and one of the most well-loved teachers from Buenos Aires.  Wanda’s students adore her warmth, brilliance, and teaching. Wanda also has a background in life coaching.

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