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Tango Therapy

Whether you are totally new to tango or a more experienced dancer, my tango therapy offers a space to reflect on all of the tango-life connections you find through dance and connect those insights with coaching on your life, relationships, and career. Tango is never just tango. It’s also a metaphor and a mirror. We use tango as way for you to look at the rest of your life.

We use tango as a mirror. The dance will help you to gain self-awareness about your posture and how you connect to yourself and how show up in a relationship with another person. Are you able to say yes, or no? Are you able to set boundaries? Do you stand up straight, proud and tall in the encounter?

Tango is a very effective mirror that teaches you many things about yourself.

There are two ways that we can work together. You can come to Buenos Aires and pair your sessions with tango lessons with a teacher that I choose for you who is able to work with us on this metaphorical level. We then use what you learn in our tangotherapy, together in person in Buenos Aires and when you go home we work together via Skype or phone. We also work together before you come to establish the goals for our work together.

We can also work together remotely in tandem with tango classes or lessons that you take at home.

Here are some things we can work on through tangoterapia, or tango therapy:

–Self-worth + self-care
–Dating + flirting
–Your experience and confidence as a tango dancer

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