Tango in Paradise

A weekend in nature to learn from Sasha and some of the best tango teachers in Buenos Aires
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Since 2011 I have been dreaming about creating experiences of tango in nature.There’s just something different about dancing in nature: we can be more free. To be ourselves, to be real, to connect, and to play and have fun.

The city of Buenos AIres has all the glamour, milongas, and excitement of tango but it’s also great to travel a bit outside Buenos Aires  outside of the formal theater of the milonga to dance tango with great people out in the campo (the countryside!).

I feel so lucky and blessed that two dear souls Alicia and Raul had the same vision for creating an experience of tango in nature with Tango in Paradise just outside of Buenos Aires! I am soooo excited to announce this collaboration between Solo Chica Tango Adventure and Tango in Paradise for a super-sweet opportunity to pair these two experiences of tango in Buenos Aires and tango in nature.

Tango in Paradise is a three-day retreat full of 5 tango classes with two of the best tango teachers in Buenos Aires. The weekend is full of 2 yoga classes, asados (Argentine barbecues), and time to swim, lounge, connect and relax in nature just 90 minutes outside of Buenos Aires.

Not only that, you’ll also get to be part of my Tango Goddess and Pussywalking Workshops.

Through the Tango Goddess Workshop, I create a space where we can learn how to manage the psychological challenges that arise in the milonga to be your best unique-to-you tango goddess. I help you to uncover your Tango Goddess posture so you can feel at your best when waiting to dance and dancing.

In the Pussywalking Workshop, you’ll learn how to walk with your attention on your pelvic region and how walking that way can bring a whole new level of confidence and sensuality to your dance and your walk in everyday life. These are essential workshops and I only teach them a few times a year so this is a special chance to learn directly from me.

If you haven’t checked out any of the Pussywalking videos, watch this intro here.


Here are snapshots from past Tango in Paradise weekends to give you a flavor for what you will experience. Click on each picture to see more detail.

The Tango in Paradise-Solo Chica Weekend Workshop is exclusively for Solo Chica Adventurers…

This Tango in Paradise Solo Chica weekend with the workshops from me is exclusively available for people doing the Solo Chica Tango Adventure. You can also be a chico! Or as they say in Buenos Aires, a chique (the gender-neutral term).

The Tango in Paradise weekend can be:

— an excellent warm-up for your Solo Chica Tango Adventure…You will get to hang out with me for the weekend, learn from me in the Pussywalking and Tango Goddess workshops, while you meet new people in this relaxed natural setting where it’s easier to settle in and connect. You will enter your week with more social connections and confidence to dance in the milongas.

— a beautiful way to close your week. If Tango in Paradise works for the end of your dates, that’s great too. This will be a weekend to integrate all you have learned and dance in a different way with new friends. 

— alternatively, you can turn your 7-Day Tango Adventure into a 14-Day Adventure. Participants in the Solo Chica Tango Adventure have told us there is actually enough in the Itinerary for two weeks of amazing stuff to do. So you could two weeks in Buenos Aires and put Tango in Paradise in the middle of your stay.

Who’s Behind Solo Chica + Tango in Paradise

I’ll be giving the Tango Goddess and Pussywalking Workshops.

The rest of the team is truly all-star!

Raul Palladino is one of my favorite tango teachers. I’ve been taking classes with him since the beginning of my tango journey in Buenos Aires in 2010. Raul has been part of the Tango Adventure team too. I call Raul an interplanetary being because he is so sweet and special it’s almost like he is from another planet. Raul is from Uruguay, and people from Uruguay tend to be pretty chill. It’s a small country sandwiched between the giants of Brazil and Argentina. Raul has taught at the famous DNI Tango school for more than ten years.  Not to mention, he’s an extremely well-loved teacher, one of the best of the best when it comes to tango teaching in Buenos Aires. 

Here you can see Raul dancing. Check out his facial expressions. He has these expressions of delight on his face no matter who he dances with – that’s the kind of being that Raul is!

Caroline Mathias gives tango classes with Raul and also teaches our yoga classes in the morning. A contemporary dancer with exquisite knowledge of the body and another incredible spirit. Caroline is also a wonderful teacher for learning to lead and follow. Private lessons are also available during the weekend with Caroline or Raul. Caroline says, “Before immersing myself in tango, I danced in diverse projects and was able to train in yoga to feed my own dance and teaching. I had the opportunity to enter DNI Tango and deepen my dance through tango. Since crossing the threshold, I haven’t stopped growing.  Tango en el Paraíso is a beautiful opportunity to work with a small group, escaping from the urban chaos and exploring creativity, confidence and the encounter together. I am happy and grateful to be part of the project!”

Alicia Arata organizes the experience with love. Alicia is another truly special person that I have grown to love hanging out with. Alicia says, “I have worked in the field of health for a long time with medical-philosophical therapies which aspire to the healing of both the body and the soul. Tango appeared in my life some years ago, giving it magic, new enchantments and the need to give form to a dream which brought everything together.  I believe in the curative power of tango, of nature, in the power of the encounter and in the marvelous power of sharing. El Paraíso is the realization of that dream and the possibility of dancing to the beat of its music.”

Silvio Mendez cooks our meals with love. Silvio says, “I dedicate myself to events organization and I have trained and specialized in the different areas within this field.  I have a catering company, Optimo Eventos, in which – together with my friends – I dream and realize the happiest moments with people who choose us.”

There are also tango teachers who come out during the weekend to serve as assistants in the classes to help you learn, and these teachers are available for private lessons so you can add more private lessons during your experience and learn in nature too.

When: October 18-20 and November 15-17

Tango in Paradise Price: $500

This price includes three days/two nights accommodation in this beautiful countryside home, all meals (delicious authentic asados prepared with love by Silvio), 5 tango classes with Raul and Caroline, 2 yoga classes with Caroline, Tango Goddess and Pussywalking Workshops with Sasha, and transportation to and from Buenos Aires to make this seamless and easy for you.

Gluten-free options available for celiacs. Inquire with Alicia, the organizer of the event.


Is this open to men?

Yes! Both Tango in Paradise and the Solo Chica Tango Adventure are open to men. We call it Chica to empower women to travel alone but the Tango Adventure Itinerary also works for men with specific suggestions for chicos.

Will there be men to dance with?

Based on past experience, yes! The organizers are attentive to leader-follower balance and invite teachers to come out to help out as dance partners in the classes.

What levels come?

This weekend is appropriate for all levels, from total beginner to dancing many years. You will get a lot of personal attention on your dance no matter where you are in your tango journey. There will be additional teachers there in group classes to assist.

How many people will be there?

These retreats are intimate with a max of 12 people so if you want to come, grab your spot now!

How it works

When you purchase the Solo Chica Tango Adventure Itinerary you have the opportunity to add on Tango in Paradise. You’ll pay the cost of the Itinerary ($499) plus a deposit of $150 for the Tango in Paradise weekend. You pay the rest of the cost  ($350) for the weekend to Alicia the organizer when you arrive in Buenos Aires.

If you are interested, the first step is to enter your email below. You will then get a questionnaire to fill out and then you will have a quick 15-20 minute phone call with Sasha or another member of the Solo Chica team to go over questions and make sure this is a fit for you.