The Tango Goddess Photo Shoot

Far more than a tango tour, this is a Tango Adventure. Solo Chica™-style.

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Reconnect to your sensuality and your confidence in Buenos Aires with a Tango Goddess Photo Shoot. Our Solo Chica team will show you how…

The Tango Goddess Photo Shoot is what we call an “add-on” for your Solo Chica Adventure–something you can choose to add on to the experience. I developed the Tango Goddess Photo Shoot for you based on my own creative experience of discovering the tango goddess in me in a photo shoot in San Telmo (one of the historic tango neighborhoods in Buenos Aires). The whole experience was so amazing I thought–I think other women (and men, and couples) would enjoy this experience too!

The Tango Goddess Photo Shoot is a unique, memorable Buenos Aires experience that will help you get back in touch with your sensuality and radiance at every age … to find your unique Tango Goddess in you with photos to remember for a lifetime. Buenos Aires is a city that pulses with history, seduction, nostalgia, romance, and a erotic-as-life-force edge. The photo shoot with a photographer I have hand-chosen for you will be an incredible experience.

I have heard from too many women that they feel invisible in everyday life over 35 or even 30. This is ridiculous. The Tango Goddess Photo Shoot puts you back in contact with your playful light inside. It’s an experience to remember.

You will be working with a hyper-talented and committed photographer Tan who shoots for Netflix and major Argentine film productions (SONY) as Director of Photography. 

How it works

Tan will have coffee with you before the shoot to understand what you want and encourage you to uncover your unique Tango Goddess personality and look(s) in the shoot. The shoot can be fantasy, serious, glamorous, provocative or modest.

If you want professional make-up, our team will connect you. Before the shoot, you’ll also have the chance to shop for tango clothing that works for your body at the secret boutiques we have identified as having the most body-positive tango clothing for diverse body types.

After speaking with you about the vision for the shoot, Tan and his assistant choose the best backgrounds suitable for tango, especially 30s to 50s era Golden Era of tango. The backgrounds will be very Buenos Aires. The team take advantage of classical Buenos Aires architecture but you are not limited by the concept of tango. You can go to a Parisian bistro or even do boudoir.

During the shoot…When you like a photo Tan will try to understand the best thing in that pictures: your look, confidence, sexiness, or whatever it may be. Tan will take more photos of that flavor. You may start out shy. Over the course of the shoot Tan will help you bring out your unique personality. Working together you will play–and play achieve very beautiful photos. 

A photo assistant will be present for the shoot to help with technical issues for lighting and to help you look your best.

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Something to consider…You can also explore adding life coaching with Sasha as part of the whole preparation. For some people this is an ideal combination because you will have a space to talk about body, sensuality, confidence, and pleasure. You can even create a Goddess Ritual to prepare for the shoot and start loosening up your body and soul at home before your trip.

Here are some photos … the result of their Tango God/dess Photo Shoot experiences! Note: Men are welcome to become Tango Gods with us too.


Wanna find the Tango Goddess in you?

After you sign up for the Solo Chica Tango Adventure you will get the opportunity to add on a Tango Goddess Photo Shoot. We recommend you do!