awaken the tango in you in buenos aires

Far more than a tango tour, this is a Tango Adventure. 

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Want to turn your next vacation into a true adventure? Come away to Buenos Aires to discover yourself through tango. Our team is here to support you.

You are at a plateau and want something to challenge you, a new adventure to take you outside of your comfort zone.

You love the idea of exploring tango at the source–something spiritual and sexy at the same time. 

What if I told you that you could:

  • Reconnect to your sensuality 
  • Explore intimacy
  • Become more confident 
  • Gain life-changing awareness about yourself and your own patterns
  • Learn to walk in a new, sexy, “tango” way 

And you could do all that while also having an amazing immersive vacation in the intoxicating, authentic Buenos Aires tango scene?

You say, God, that sounds amazing but I don’t know how to tango. Or I don’t know if I’m ready for the Buenos Aires milongas (where the tango addicts dance).

You don’t have to know how to tango. You can be a total beginner or have some tango or dance experience. You can be any age.

My transformative tango team will meet you exactly where you are in your journey to give you the support you need to take your first tango steps in Buenos Aires. 

You will discover what tango has to teach you for your confidence, posture, relationships, sensuality, masculinity and femininity, trust, boundaries, and connection to yourself.

You might even have your first tangasm…

This is a tangasm!

We support you to dance + break into the local scene. Nobody puts baby in the corner on a Tango Adventure!

We take you to the best friendly milongas in Buenos Aires to immerse you in the culture and teach you the local codes. You will soon be dancing like a local.


We have been making tango dreams come true since 2014. We made these videos to show you the Adventure that awaits you when you come away to Buenos Aires with our dream team.


The Tango Adventure is a 7-day dance immersion program in Buenos Aires to discover yourself through tango, created and curated by Quirkyalone author + life coach Sasha Cagen whose upcoming memoir will be about her own journey of healing through sensuality.

We offer Solo Chica Adventures (designed to make it easy for you to come on your own as a woman), Solo Chico Adventures (for men who want to learn tango too!), and Couple Adventures. We set dates to make it possible for Solo Chicas and Chicos to come at the same time, but each of you will get your own personalized Tango Fairygodmother or father to support you in your tango immersion. The TFG role is something Sasha created for you because she knows from experience just what you need to go deep in Buenos Aires tango fast.

You can learn Argentine tango anywhere but to truly understand this dance you have to come to the source where tango was born among immigrants in a collision of cultures over 100 years ago.

When you come on a Tango Adventure, you will live like a local fast. You’ll get an intimate view of Buenos Aires through the eyes of locals combined with the perfect introduction to tango in Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is known as the “Paris of the South.” You’ll discover a  uniquely pulsing creative city of stylish people and extravagant architecture, wide boulevards and leafy parks, gastronomic delights, and of course, tango in the streets.

As one woman who came on a recent adventure told me, “If I had come on my own maybe I would have had 1 amazing day. With your help I had 7 amazing days.”

How it works

This curated Tango Adventure creates a safe space for you to discover yourself through tango in Buenos Aires. Without being on a “tour.”  We have been guiding people on transformative Tango Adventures since 2014 so we know just how to support you for an authentic, tango immersion.

When you come on a Tango Adventure, Buenos Aires tango insiders will create a weeklong experience for you with all the details thought through for so you can relax and go on the ride of a lifetime. Many of our guests have told us they felt a sense of inner peace that had not felt for a long time when they come on a Tango Adventure–that’s because we take such care to create an authentic, transformative, deeply Buenos Aires experience for you.

Everything is based on Sasha’s 10 years in Buenos Aires tango. Everything is designed by Sasha’s experience as a life coach helping women to connect to their sensuality, confidence, and joy.  Your teachers, lessons, and milonga outings will be tailored for you and your hopes for your trip.

Here’s what your personalized, curated Tango Adventure includes:

  • Creation of a personalized 7-Day Itinerary for you with all the details thought through, with the best tango teachers for you, classes, and milongas, all booked and chosen for you by tango insiders based on your tango level, age, how late you like to go out at night, etc.!
  • Pre-trip Skype meeting with your Tango Fairygodmother or father (TFG). We connect you even before you come so you can feel welcomed and calm any nerves or questions before you arrive. Your will customize your milonga Itinerary to choose the best milongas for you based on this conversation.
  • Orientation meeting on your first day with your Tango Adventure coordinator Julia to go over your curated week, safety, public transport, changing money, etc. You will be good to go in Buenos Aires living like a local fast, saving money when we give you insider tips, and feeling comfortable because we tell you what you need to know to stay safe.
  • Coffee date with your Tango Fairygodmother or father. Your TFG will be a key person to teach you the tango codes, help you dance, and learn the culture–so you have a coffee (or mate) meeting first to get to know each other before hitting the milongas.  
  • Guided tango shoe-shopping outing to secret showrooms with Julia for the best, most elegant and stable tango shoes stores for practice and elegant shoes.
  • 3 guided friendly milonga outings with your Tango Fairygodmother or Father. You won’t be figuring this all out by yourself. You’ll be an instant insider in milongas accompanied by your TFG.
  • 1 3-hour Taxi Dancer (“dancer for hire”) night (we call them acompañantes de tu evolución) to help you make your debut onto the dance floor at a Buenos Aires milonga with support, love and confidence.
  • 4 private 1- hour lessons with one of the best tango teachers in Buenos Aires to learn tango and what tango reveals for you. Private lessons are tailored for you, whether you are a total beginner or have been dancing tango for years.
  • 2 Group tango lessons chosen for you and your level to get you meeting new people
  • Teachings in Confidence, Boundaries and Sensuality, to help you learn from the culture and feel empowered when you go out to dance
  • 1- hour private psicotango session. Psicotango is a one-hour session where you are guided to explore yourself through the movement of tango to find what tango is revealing for you through your body language. Psicotango is a unique Buenos Aires mashup of psychoanalysis (which is still popular in Buenos Aires) and tango.
  • Solo Chica discounts at secret boutiques for the best body-positive tango clothing and stable, elegant, artisanal tango shoes
  • Personal “concierge” help for the week and before to assist you with the things you want to do in Buenos Aires in your free time from our coordinator Julia
  • Hookup with our favorite friendly taxi driver who will pick you up at the airport (and who also dances tango)
  • Time to spend on your own. We give you time to wander and discover your own treasures with alone time to reflect and rest. This is not an overscheduled tour! There’s nowhere better to digest your tango experience than at one of Buenos Aires’ many antique Bar Notables where you can journal and get a cortado (coffee cut with a little milk). We’ll point you to the best ones.
  • Hotel and tango guesthouse recommendations with a special Solo Chica code to get insider treatment and deals at one of the best tango guesthouses in Buenos Aires
  • All the detailed info you need to prepare on currency exchange, what to bring, tech and body-mind prep, and books to read (if you like)
  • You will have the chance to add on a Tango Goddess Photo Shoot and/or Coaching with Sasha to go deeper. You can read more about those below.

Your personalized Solo Chica Tango Adventure Itinerary will open doors for you to hidden milongas, secret boutiques, and all the insider stuff we’ve discovered over nearly a decade of living our passion for tango in Buenos Aires.

Insider prices for big savings.

The Solo Chica Adventure more than pays for itself with the insider pricing. You’ll save $ on additional private lessons, shoes, clothing, yoga, and massage.

Peace of mind.

If you’re concerned about safety, we tell you everything in the Itinerary–to make it easy and stress-free for you based on local knowledge.

Be part of the local culture.

It’s not easy to break into a new dance scene. Solo Chica will make you an instant insider in the tango culture. You can easily be dancing on night one!



  • Tango Adventure Price: $2195 USD 

  • Nonrefundable deposit of $300 USD is required to hold your spot when you book.

  • Payment plans are available to make it easy for you to budget. For example, if you book in November for a trip in April, we can then set up monthly equal payments for five months to pay in full before the trip.

  • Two-week adventures are also available. If you are interested in this two-week option then let us know when you fill out the questionnaire.

  • Couples (or two friends, or a mother-daughter) can come together and get 10% off each. We tailor each Adventure for you so if you are a couple you will get a Couple Adventure, if you are coming as Mother-Daughter, you will get a Mother-Daughter Adventure.

  • Note: $2195 was our group price since 2014. This price will go up in 2020 to reflect the high level of personalized attention we give each person in our current program to make your experience super smooth and delightful, so if you want this current price grab it by booking before April 2020!

Limited spaces are available since this is a highly personalized experience we craft individually with care for each person, couple or pair who come. This is not some corporate tourist operation passing you through a machine like cattle. This is bespoke, boutique transformative travel. Don’t wait to book to assure availability.


Here are the Tango Adventure dates for 2020. All weeks start on a Saturday afternoon and end on Friday night. You will want to plan to arrive on a Friday or earlier to have time to rest, breathe, and get ready for your big Adventure.

  • February 1-7
  • February 29-March 6
  • April 4-10
  • May 2-8
  • June 6-12
  • July 4-10
  • August 1-7
  • September 5-11
  • October 3-9
  • November 7-13
  • December 5-11
  • To come at another time, inquire about availability when you fill out your questionnaire.
  • We set these dates to create community so you can have the chance to do your Tango Adventure with other Solo Chico/as. But if you are the only one to come that week, no worries. No matter when you come, you are going to meet a ton of great people.
  • The Tango Adventure is designed to make it easy for you to come on your own as a woman or man. That’s Solo-Chica-style. Your vacation will be full of meeting a lot of amazing people in the tango scene… because we think the most important thing when you travel is the people you meet.

Where you’ll stay 

Solo Chica hotel and tango guesthouse options vetted for you 

You can stay anywhere you like. To make it easy for you so you don’t waste hours on TripAdvisor, we give you trusted options in safe, central tango neighborhoods, all chosen because they will help you immerse yourself in the tango community. As a Solo Chica, you can get special discounts to stay at the best tango guesthouse in Buenos Aires where you will meet others drawn to the passion of tango. 

Depending on the kind of room you choose, you can factor in $300 to $500 a week for lodging.


what past adventurers say

Kerry Lander, Melbourne Australia

The Tango Adventure was one of the most valuable, transformative experiences in my recent life!  As a coaching client of Sasha’s, being able to have face-to-face sessions was the icing on the cake. I recommend the Tango Adventure to anyone who is looking to connect with tango at its source and discover Buenos Aires in a gentler, friendlier, more fun way than you might on your own.

Christian Isely, New Mexico

Sasha’s Tango Adventure was an incredible and transformative experience. It caught just the right balance of teaching a new skill, sparking new friendships, exploring the best of Buenos Aires, and opening a new world. Tango is indeed an entire world in itself.

Denise Breheny, Los Angeles, CA

I started at zero and now I can get out there on the dance floor and people are saying it looks like tango! I’ve had an amazing time and if you are thinking about coming definitely you should. The music is so passionate, and soulful. It’s undescribable seeing the live tango bands.

Jeannette Gray, Melbourne, Australia

I traveled from Australia to South America for the first time solo without speaking Spanish. My time in Buenos Aires doing Sasha’s Tango Adventure was a pivotal and wonderful experience. Sasha and her team are the most lovely people, all of whom in their own ways appreciate the beauty and humanity at many levels of this transformational dance.

Christine Edwards, Seattle

What helped me take this leap to come to Argentina by myself was knowing that I’d have a group of supportive people when I got here through Sasha’s program, the Solo Chica Tango Adventure. It was easy for me to make that choice knowing I wouldn’t have to do it by myself.
It hasn’t been lonely at all. The team Sasha put together of instructors, Tango Fairygodmothers and taxi dancers has been incredible. There are so many people here who have made this experience amazing.

Paul Mooney, Rumford, RI

I met Sasha at a Quirkyalone meetup in Providence. Not being faint of heart, understanding and embracing the concept of quirkyalone, I said I would go. I had a tremendous experience. I encourage any man or woman to have this experience. Sasha’s trips are not to be missed!

Sabine Tuzik, Washington, DC

I’ve been raving about the Tango Adventure. It was by far and large the best vacation I’ve had in years. So many encounters and communion with like-hearted souls. I also love that tango will give me a path to travel and meet people, especially when I transition into retirement 2-4 years from now.

Claudia Fiaschetti, San Francisco, CA

I would do the Tango Adventure again in a heartbeat! The true joy I saw in Buenos Aires was from people living very large lives. I appreciated the level of intimacy required from tango, the balance between owning yourself and yielding to your partner. There are vital people dancing and living, no matter their age.


You’ll visit a variety of milongas (the sacred places where tango is danced) with your Tango Fairygodmother (or father). From the elegant to the alternative, you can be part of this.

Add a Tango God/dess Shoot 

The Tango Goddess Photo Shoot is a unique personal development/creative experience I developed with my team to help you get back in touch with your sensuality and beauty at every age … to find your unique Tango Goddess in you. The Tango Goddess Photo Shoot puts you back in contact with you. It’s a very Buenos Aires experience to remember.

You will be working with a hyper-talented and committed photographer who shoots with Netflix and major Argentine film productions (SONY) as Director of Photography. 


Add Coaching with Sasha

Tango can be an amazing path of physical and psychological healing. That’s why I designed the Tango Adventure as a course of personal development where you get to discover what tango has to teach you. 

If you want to gain a space to talk about all you are learning, you can pair the Tango Adventure with life coaching with me. For some people, tango and coaching are the ideal combination.

Why I created the Tango Adventure

Tango Adventure founder Sasha with Tango Fairygodmother Marce and Tango Fairygodfather Kevin dancing in the background, at another friendly elegant milonga we take you to…

Born and raised in Rhode Island. Hooked on tango since 2010. I left behind a perfectly good career in Silicon Valley to follow a calling to study tango in Buenos Aires. Dancing tango in Buenos Aires has given me so much joy, and facilitated so much deep healing, I wanted to help others have the same experience.

I created the Tango Adventure so you can find your own bliss through tango in Buenos Aires. I love supporting women to reconnect to their sensuality as a source of power and vitality. Men and couples are welcome too but I always have a special heart for helping women find themselves through dance. 

I started tango in my mid-thirties. I never had a “dancer’s body.” One important message of my work with tango is that tango is for everybody–and every body. If you can walk and hug, you are going to do great!

Here are some of the amazing people waiting for you in Buenos Aires!

We are waiting for you!