Meet your new tango family 

Here is our carefully curated Solo Chica dream team. These amazing people will teach you, guide you, and welcome you into their tango communities and the vibrant city of Buenos Aires.

The Solo Chica Tango Adventure is a transformative travel experience. Our team provides a safe, facilitating container for your whole experience so you can let go for the ride of a lifetime.


Solo Chica Founder + Life Coach

Originally from Rhode Island Sasha spent almost 20 years living in the Bay Area, California, before life brought her to Buenos Aires. Sasha created the Solo Chica Tango Adventure based on her own life-changing experience of discovering tango by accident during a yearlong sabbatical traveling through South America (in Colombia, to be exact!). She experienced so much transformation through tango in Buenos Aires that she created Solo Chica to share this path with more people and to empower more women to travel alone. 

Sasha is a life coach working with clients worldwide via Skype, a published author of cult hit books (Quirkyalone and To-Do List) whose work has been cited in the New York Times, NPR, CNN, and many other media. 

Sasha works closely with Julia the Solo Chica Coordinator and your TFG (Tango Fairygodparent) to oversee the curation of your personalized Itinerary.  Sasha is also the creator of pussywalking, a unique approach to physical confidence for women.


Tango Adventure Coordinator

Julia will be your first point of contact as your Solo Chica Coordinator. A Brazilian-Argentine film student, photographer, and production coordinator for film shoots, Julia brings great attention to detail when crafting our Solo Chica Itineraries. She also brings her great heart and warm personality to help make your experience in Buenos Aires smooth and beautiful. She will be available before and during the Adventure for questions. 

Julia is also the photo assistant for the Tango Goddess Photo Shoot. 



Tango Fairygodmother + Tango Teacher

Wanda is a tango teacher graduated from the National University of Arts in Buenos Aires and Life Coach certified by the ICF with a focus on “coaching corporal”–body-based coaching. Wanda organizes a popular weekly milonga with free classes and is known by many in the community for her supportive role in fostering the tango scene of Buenos Aires, especially in encouraging beginners and newcomers with a warm and encouraging open heart. 

A former architect who left her planned career to follow a passion of tango, Wanda was born for the role of Tango Fairygodmother. She knows exactly how to support you in the milonga to relax and feel your best as you take your first tango steps in Buenos Aires. 

One of our recent Solo Chicas told us, “I feel nothing but bliss when I think of Wanda.” Wanda also gives private tango lessons in the Adventure.

Wanda is pussywalking-certified!


Tango Fairygodfather + Taxi Dancer

Originally from California, Kevin moved to Buenos Aires in 1992 to begin the spiritual practice of tango. For many years he was a columnist for the Buenos Aires Herald. He continues to write weekly on his tango blog, and for years has worked on a documentary project People of Tango, capturing the many faces and stories of people who have dedicated their lives to tango. 

Playing harmonica, Kevin tours the world alongside an Argentine Latin Grammy-nominee musician. 

Kevin is a Tango Fairygodfather for those who would like a (sensitive) man to support you in the tango scene in Buenos Aires. Kevin loves to help women come alive on the dance floor, gaining confidence in their dance and their seductiveness. He is thrilled to be a part of Solo Chica helping women connect to their power and sensuality through tango. 

One of our guests told us, “I wanted to share something you already know, but Kevin is a very special human, artist, being. I already feel held and supported. He has that beautiful rare quality in a man where he can ‘take charge, without taking over. Thank you for connecting me with him.”  

Kevin is pussywalking-certified!


Tango Fairygodmother

Marcela (or Marce) is an Argentine movement therapist, tango dancer, and tour guide for Buenos Aires with more than 19 years experience dancing tango. She also led mountain-climbing expeditions around South America. Marcela dances tango both as a leader and as a follower, which makes her an excellent Tango Fairygodmother (she can help you get comfortable with either role). 

An adventurer and traveler, Marcela has danced tango around the world “milongueado” in  Europe and Australia, Asia and South America. In 2013 she was a finalist in the “Australian Tango Dance Challenge, obtaining the second place in Sydney, Australia. Marcela also organized a popular milonga in Chile. Marcela is also currently teaching tango at La Viruta, one of the most important tango institutions in Buenos Aires where if you are lucky she will take you. Marcela always gets the best tables, a key for getting the best dances!

Marcela has a spirit of joy in tango that she transmits to everyone around her. 

Marcela is pussywalking-certified!


Psicotango Guide

Nacho is a tango dancer, Tai-Chi instructor, writer, trained psychoanalyst and the co-founder of Psicotango, a unique workshop and methodology that is very-Buenos-Aires.

Created by two psychoanalyst tango dancers in Buenos Aires (where many ideas of Freud, Lacan, Winnicott, and other psychoanalytic thinkers still hold sway), Psicotango offers you a space to discover more about yourself through your body language in the dance.

During your Adventure you will be able to have a one-hour private Psicotango session with Nacho to learn tango and yourself in an embodied, different way.


Tango Teacher

Jose has been been teaching tango since 1988. He teaches tango at the University of Buenos Aires. He has a massive love for tango that he transmits to his many loyal students. A leader within the Buenos Aires tango community, he works to bring together diverse communities and artists together. He created the Cambalache Tango Festival, which combines theater and tango. Jose is also a talented painter, theater artist, and choreographer. He was one of the pioneers of queer tango, dancing the follow role as a man and winning competitions. 

Jose tours in the US tango teaching most years and he’s connected with the nicest people everywhere because he has the coolest vibe. If you study with him in Solo Chica you might be able to catch him in your hometown the next time. 

Jose is tangasm-certified!


Personalized Yoga Teacher 

Kat is a tango-dancing Estonian yoga teacher who moved to Buenos Aires to pursue her dreams. She gives personalized yoga classes in Solo Chica for tango dancers focusing on strengthening the core muscles and creating flexibility and body awareness. Kat knows that exploring connection in tango is important. She helps you develop that connection to yourself in your own body. 


Taxi Dancer

Jorge is an Argentine tango dancer who loves to help people become more comfortable taking their first tango steps in the milonga. He is also an avid meditator and recently completed a 10-day vipassana meditation.


Taxi Dancer

Roberto is a taxi dancer with the best smile and spirit who puts everyone at ease on the dance floor. He also literally also drives a taxi! He doesn’t speak much English, but his joyful spirit does all the talking. Going to a milonga with Roberto as a taxi dancer will make it easy and fun to take your first steps at a milonga.


Tango Goddess Photographer

Turkish-born Tan is an award-winning photographer from Istanbul living in Buenos Aires. Tan shoots for Netflix and SONY. When he’s not shooting for TV and documentaries he helps women and men find their own unique beauty and style in a Tango Goddess Photo Shoot: a totally Buenos Aires experience.

Tan will have coffee with you before the shoot to understand what you want and encourage you to uncover your unique Goddess look(s). He will make you feel comfortable if you’ve never been in front of the camera as a model. A very kind person as well as a hyper-talented photographer, Tan is always committed to bringing out the best in you. 

More bios of our amazing team members coming soon!

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You can also see people from the team saying “hi!” to you in these videos.


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