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Far more than a tango tour, this is a Tango Adventure. Solo Chica™-style.

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Escape screens with us in 2020! Through tango you can explore confidence, sensuality, and reconnect with joy through the most intimate partner dance.

Here is our Solo Chica Tango Adventure dream team ready to make it easy for you to go on the ride of a lifetime in Buenos Aires tango. Our team is full of serious tango skill (these are some of the best tango tango teachers in Buenos Aires, and some really beautiful hearts).

This page also shows you the steps of your Tango Adventure, who you will meet when along your journey on the yellow brick road we have created for you. 

One woman who came on a Solo Chica Tango Adventure said, “I keep thinking, how does Sasha know so many amazing people?”

When you travel alone, it’s all about the people you meet. I curated our dream team of tango teachers, Tango Fairygodmothers/fathers (TFG), taxi dancers, yoga teacher, massage therapist, psicotango guide, and secret boutique owners (for tango shoes and dresses) to make that part easy for you in Buenos Aires. Amazing people–guaranteed!

The Solo Chica Tango Adventure is a transformative travel experience. Our carefully curated team provides a safe, facilitating container for your whole experience so you can let go for the ride of a lifetime.

You can also see people from the team saying “hi!” to you in these videos.

Step One:

Your first point of contact will be Julia, our Solo Chica coordinator. Julia is going to make the magic happen.


Solo Chica Coordinator 

Step Two:

After you get the chance to have a special phone interview with Sasha, you’ll be matched with your TFG.


Tango Fairygodmother


Tango Fairygodmother + Tango Teacher


Tango Fairygodfather + Taxi Dancer

Step Three:

Once you arrive in Buenos Aires, you’ll meet these people through the personalized Itinerary Julia our Solo Chica coordinator and your TFG will create for you. Your Itinerary is also overseen by Sasha, who makes curatorial decisions to create a safe + amazing transformative experience for you.


Tango Teacher


Tango Teacher


Taxi Dancer


Psicotango Guide


Debut Dancers Magicmaker


Tango Goddess Stylist + Tango Guesthouse Owner


Taxi Dancer


Tango Goddess Photographer


Taxi Dancer


Personalized Yoga Teacher 

Bonus step:

If you and Sasha decide to work together through Sasha’s unique coaching program, you’ll be talking with Sasha before your trip, during, and after to integrate the lessons you learn through tango into your life at home.


Solo Chica Founder + Life Coach

Your new Solo Chica tango family in Buenos Aires…

We are waiting for you!


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