Tango Adventure FAQ

Awaken the tango in you in a 7-day tango vacation in Buenos Aires
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Do I need to already know how to dance tango?
No, if you can walk and hug another person, you are going to do great.

What if I already dance tango?
This is also fine. Since 2014 we’ve had a range of people join us–everyone from a woman who had already danced tango for ten years to absolute beginners. Since you receive private instruction, the teaching is tailored to where you are in your journey. And since the focus of the trip is on exploring what tango in Buenos Aires is revealing for you in your life and relationships, the theme is relevant whether you are just trying out tango or already a confirmed addict.

Will I get support to dance?
Yes! We know it’s intimidating to go to Buenos Aires milongas alone and to take your first steps on the tango dance floor, no matter how much experience you have (or none). We are here to support you to come out of your comfort zone in a safe space so you have a life-changing experience of personal development and a great tango vacation!

What will the week be like?
The week will kick off with a bang for the first two days with your orientation to tango and the city, your tango-shoe-shopping outing, and the first night out where we support you to dance if you feel ready. Then you will settle into a pattern of having some kind of tango/psicotango class or workshop and some kind of tango outing in the evening, with free time to explore and wander through this amazing city. Our staff coordinator Colleen will help you with finding whatever it is you want to do in your free time whether that’s visiting tourist sites such as the Recoleta Cemetary, shopping, or going to museums.

Is there free time?
We include downtime in the schedule for rest and reflection and this is important because you will be having intense learning experiences. Reflection is key to make the most of those experiences. The schedule is built that way so you can take time to reflect at one of Buenos Aires’ beautiful antique cafes and bars with a notebook and journal. We give you a list. These reflections will take your experience that much deeper and you can talk about what you are discovering with Sasha in your coaching sessions. You’ll be exploring with your tango teachers through your body, and with Sasha your coach through words in your sessions.

Is this tango vacation open for women, men, or couples?
All of the above.

What ages come?
Our past participants range in age from their twenties to their sixties. All ages are welcome here. One of the best parts about experiencing tango in Buenos Aires is you get to see a culture where all the generations mix and the over-50 set shines.

Will I be lonely if I come on my own for a Tango Adventure?
We doubt it! You are going to meet a lot of people through your Tango Adventure through all the local guides, teachers and dancers who are part of your week experience. You’ll get the chance to go to group lessons where you meet others studying tango in Buenos Aires. You may meet other travelers at the hotel. This will be a very social week if you want it to be.

Do I need to have a partner?
Not at all! In fact, the best way to learn tango is to dance with a variety of people.

Is it still a great experience to dance with someone if it’s not your romantic partner?
Tango is a social dance. Most people do not dance with a romantic partner.

What is psicotango?
Psicotango is a workshop, a methodology, and a book started by psychoanalysts in Buenos Aires who are fascinated with the personal search through tango. Sasha feels the same way about tango and connected with the psicotango community in her own personal search, and she includes this psicotango experience in your 7-day tango vacation so you can have this experience too. Psicotango is a special opportunity way off the tourist path that most people don’t know about.

I’m vegan. Will I be able to eat in Buenos Aires, the land of meat?
Yes. There are also lots of vegan and vegetarian places springing up near the hotel where you will be staying.

I’m celiac. Will I be able to eat in Buenos Aires?
Lucky for you Sasha is celiac too and our team can give you the skinny on eating gluten-free in Buenos Aires. You will do fine here as there is quite a lot of awareness about gluten-free in this city.

I’m interested in exploring coaching with Sasha. How does that work with tango? What’s the connection between the tango and coaching?
We believe that intellectual knowledge alone has the shelf life of milk. That’s why it is so valuable and powerful to learn through your body. Our entire team is trained in seeing tango as a transformative tool and a mirror for your growth. Coaching with Sasha allows you to put into words what you are discovering through your body. When you establish the coaching relationship with Sasha before the trip you can develop a relationship before and work on whatever matters most for you, whether that’s being OK being single, opening up for dating and relationships, a career change, confidence in general, sensuality or more. To explore coaching with Sasha you can set up a separate time to an exploratory initial consult.

What’s a tangasm? Will I have one if I come?
We will do our best to support you in having a tangasm. A tangasm is that sense of connection you feel with yourself, your partner, the music, and the room when you are dancing tango. We feel the tangasm in the tango embrace, which you will feel more strongly in Buenos Aires than in most other places in the tango diaspora. So it’s a good bet that if you let go and relax–yes. 😉