tango adventure faq

What airport do I book my flights for?

Almost all international flights land at EZE (Ezeiza).

A very small minority land at Aeroparque.

When should I plan to arrive if my Adventure starts on a Saturday?

We recommend you land in Buenos Aires 1-2 days before the official start of your Adventure so you have time to breathe, rest, and change money. You will want to have some cash on your first day because that’s when you go on your guided tango-shoe-shopping outings to secret appointment-only boutiques.

This means …if you start on a Saturday you should plan to arrive Thursday or Friday.

What about accommodation and meals? What do I need to consider for my budget as a whole?

We give you connections through recommendations and partnerships with nice tango guesthouses (where you meet other people drawn to tango) or a friendly boutique hotel in safe central easy-to-get-to tango locations. This will save you both time and money looking for places to stay. A week’s accommodation in a private room single-occupancy room can be as little as $300 USD for the week based on the room you choose. You can spend more if you like for a fancy boutique hotel–we’ll give you some options in great tango locations if you want to splurge. For food, you can plan on spending between $150 and $200 USD for the week, more if you want to try some of Buenos Aires’ amazing 5-star restaurants, less if you cook in at a tango guesthouse. Food is relatively inexpensive in Buenos Aires compared to US or Europe standards.

What if I don't speak Spanish? Is that OK?

Everyone on our team speaks English, and most of the people who have come away on a Tango Adventure with us since 2014 do not speak Spanish. If you want to learn Spanish before you come (even some basics) that’s great, but it’s not necessary. Many visitors to Buenos Aires do not speak Spanish. You will find most people in Buenos Aires to be friendly. Many people go out of their way to communicate using Google Translate or any tools available. We’ve heard this time and again from our Adventurers. You’ll do fine.

What will the week be like?

The week will kick off with a bang for the first two days with your orientation to tango and the city, your guided tango-shoe-shopping outing to secret boutiques, your coffee date with your Tango Fairygodmother/father, and your first night out with your TFG.

After the start of your week you will settle into a pattern of having some kind of tango/psicotango class or workshop during the day and some kind of tango outing in the evening. You will also have other activities and free time to explore and wander through this amazing city.

Our coordinator Julia can suggest some other great things to do in your free time. This is not an overly preprogrammed tour. Our intention is to give you deep anchors in tango and to empower you to explore Buenos Aires doing the things you most want to do, whether that’s visiting tourist sites such as the Recoleta Cemetary, shopping, going to museums, or anything else.

Do I need to have a partner?

Not at all! In fact, the best way to learn tango is to dance with a variety of people. If you do want to come with a partner, we will organize a mix of individual and couple lessons with your tango teachers.

Are there refunds?

For cancellations 30 days or more prior to departure, fees paid are refunded less $1000. Cancellations made 30 days or less prior to departure will result in loss of all monies received.

I'm vegan. Will I be able to eat in Buenos Aires, the land of meat?

Yes. There are also lots of vegan and vegetarian places springing up near the hotel where you will be staying. Your Personalized Itinerary will give you recommendations if you tell Julia you are vegan or vegetarian.

I'm celiac. Will I be able to eat in Buenos Aires?

Lucky for you Sasha is celiac too so she is an expert! Tell Julia that you are celiac and we will be sure to include recommendations for gluten-free eating in your Personalized Itinerary.

You will do fine in Buenos Aires as there is quite a lot of awareness about celiac disease in this city.

Can men come?

Yes. We offer Solo Chica Adventures and Solo Chico Adventures too.

We designed the Solo Chica Tango Adventure to make it easy and comfortable for women to come on their own, but many of the same principles apply to men.

What about couples?

Yes. We also offer Couple Adventures.

The Tango Adventure is also a fabulous thing for couples to do. We’ve hosted couples who came for an anniversary trip. You will learn a lot about relationships through tango so this can be a beautiful experience to have together and remember for many years to come.

Tango is a great gift to share with your partner and it’s a great way to learn about your relationship dynamics. Leading. Following. Listening. Trust. Letting go. There is much for couples to discover through tango.

You will have a mix of lessons as individuals and as a couple because it’s important for each person to first learn tango on their own in private lessons.

Do I need to be at a certain level in tango?

We have designed the Tango Adventure to be personalized so it’s totally fine to come as a complete beginner in tango. Your private lessons will be designed for you, exactly where you are. You can take classes at home before coming if you like but it’s not necessary. If you can walk and hug another person, you are going to do great.

I'm a beginner. My tango teacher told me I would be too overwhelmed if I go now. What do you think?

Our Tango Adventure program is designed specifically to support you whatever your level (including complete beginner). We have hosted many women and men who are total beginners or dancing 1-2 years. We will support you to dance at the right milongas for you. That’s the benefit of having your Tango Fairygodmother pick the right milongas for you and support you at that milongas. You are not going to be all alone figuring this out yourself. You will have truly loving, caring support helping you take your first tango steps in Buenos Aires.

I've been dancing 9 years. Is this for me?

Absolutely. Since you receive private instruction, the teaching is tailored to where you are in your journey. If you’re already an experienced tango dancer having Tango Fairygodmother/father support will help you to quickly become comfortable in the milongas. You’ll uplevel your tango as it can only be learned in Buenos Aires with the teachers we select for you. You’ll also be able to benefit from learning about pussywalking and all our other teachings about being a proud tango god/dess in the milonga and in everyday life.

Is it possible to go to milonga every night? My level is intermediate, and I really want to improve quickly.

You will have 3 guided outings to the milongas with your TFG, and there might be a bonus fourth outing depending on schedule. One of those nights will be a taxi-dancer evening.

For the other nights your TFG will give you recommendations for friendly milongas for your level so you will know just where to go.

If you prefer to have 6 nights of support at the milongas let us know after you book with your deposit and we can arrange these additional nights out at the milonga with you with your TFG for an additional fee. That way you can be out almost every night you are here with insider guidance and support.

To go even deeper and get even more immersive experience in Buenos Aires tango, you can also add on a second week to your Adventure. If that’s of interest you can tell us after you book.

What are the ages of your participants?

Our past Tango Adventurers range in age from 28 to 70. All ages are welcome here. Tango in Buenos Aires is a culture where all the generations mix and the over-50 set shines. There are young alternative milongas, older elegant milongas, and milongas where all ages are present dancing together. When you have your Skype chat with your Tango Fairygodmother/father you’ll discuss the types of milonga experiences you want to have, so your Itinerary will be personally designed for you.

What does Solo Chica mean?

Solo Chica is a purpose-driven brand created by Quirkyalone author and life coach Sasha Cagen. Solo Chica is all about empowering more women to feel comfortable traveling alone with Itineraries and local contacts that support you for an extraordinary transformative, cultural learning adventure. Call it travel with a purpose or transformative travel.

With the Solo Chica Tango Adventure, we think through everything you need as a woman to travel to Buenos Aires for tango on your own. While you are here, we support you so that you actually will not feel alone at all! 

Why Solo Chica and not Sola Chica?

Why Solo Chica vs. Sola? 

I talked to many many people and debated Solo Chica vs. Sola Chica.

In the end, we went with Solo Chica, not Sola Chica, because although English speakers think that “Sola Chica” sounds correct actually Sola Chica means “lonely girl” in Spanish. Lonely girl is not the sad vibration we want our brand to send out to the universe!

What's a tangasm?

A tangasm is that sense of connection you feel with yourself, your partner, the music, and the room when you are dancing tango. Your Tango Fairygodmother/father will support you to relax so that you have the best chance of having tangasm(s) during your week.

What is Psicotango?

When you come on a Solo Chica Adventure, you get to do a 1-hour private psicotango session. This is one of several ways we help you to find meaningful things for yourself through tango that apply on and off the dance floor. Psicotango is a very Buenos Aires invention. (In Buenos Aires, psychoanalysis is still popular, and many people do therapy. Therapy does not have the same stigma that it does in the US.) Psicotango is a methodology created by psychoanalyst tango dancers in Buenos Aires who are fascinated with the personal search through tango, Psicotango is a way to learn and understand yourself through body movement and language. This is a way off the tourist path that most people don’t know about. You’ll be an instant insider with psicotango!

Someone mentioned a reciprocity fee of $160 that US citizens need to pay?

This fee got phased out several years ago so no need to worry about it.