Psicotango and the representation of sex in dance

IMG_1079 If you’ve been following my work for the last year you know I am fascinated by tango and what it has to teach us about life. Tango has given me a whole way to stay rooted in myself as an equal in relationships. I wrote about that here in my first in a series of posts about what tango has to teach us about life.

Tango is a representation of sexuality, and never sex itself. Tango can open us to a sensuality that is like sex, and yet not be sex. Tango can even can take us back to the experience of being an infant in our mother’s arms, or even our mother’s womb.

When I lived in Buenos Aires in 2013, I found my tribe of kindred spirits in Psicotango. Psicotango is not tango for psychos. It’s a very special group of people of all ages who met weekly at a school to investigate tango as a personal search for connection and meaning in our lives. I first became involved in Psicotango when I joined the translation team for the book Psicotango: Danza Como Terapia. I want to bring these psicotango ideas to more English speakers.

Here is a passage that I translated from Spanish to English that always takes my breath away. I hope you enjoy it too.Read More