What’s your quirkywiggle?

quirkywiggling in brazil

quirkywiggling in brazil

When I get weighed down by life, and I feel more serious than I really want to be, I remember my quirkywiggle. And I wiggle (dance). Sometimes that really works to jolt me out of it.

The photo above is a very obvious quirkywiggle. Sometimes they can be quite subtle.

A quirkywiggle is my personal dance that that puts me back in touch with the quirky spirit (that is, light, free, accepting of myself and the moment, and joyful). Your quirkywiggle is unique to you. It can be small or large. It can be a shake of the shoulders. A flick of the head. A bounce up and down. It could even be as small as scrunching up your nose.

I asked a friend over Skype chat, What’s yours? He says his looks like “dancing with movements on one leg at a time (giggle). I just lift only one leg and make movements on that leg and my arms.”

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