Pussy Grabs Back! Let’s get one million people pussywalking by the time of the US election in November.

Let’s get one million women (and men, and people of all gender identities) pussywalking by the time of the US election in November 2024.

How is that for bold? We are all sick of marching.

We need something new to put a pep in our step.

Why? Pussywalking activates the subtle pleasure and power that we need to not only survive, but to thrive.

As one of my intrepid Instagram followers said in this comment on one of my posts, “Pussywalking is the ultimate positive action we can take as women. We’re taking back our power. Our energy. Our force. And if we’re in that mindset and energy as women – we can make things happen.”

She continued, “Pussywalking is a way to build our ‘muscle.’ Our voice. Our confidence that we do matter and no weren’t not going to just go along with this latest batch of insanity in the US.”

In essence, we’re not taking shit anymore and we’re not apologizing for it.

I hired a videographer to recorded a workshop that I taught in Bali to a small group of women (and one man!) to teach them how to pussywalk.

I’m releasing these beautiful videos soon to teach you how to tap into an energy source you might not even know that you have to activate a subtle pleasure that can fuel you. Let’s spread the word and get all our friends pussywalking. (The into to the videos is above!)

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Pussy grabs back. Let’s do this.