Get Messy with Magazines for 2014


I stopped making New Year’s Resolutions a few years ago. They felt dry. Now I make a visual list instead. Collages. Some people call them vision boards. I like making a collage instead because they are more creative and less pressure-filled. The point of making the collage is to invite mystery and magic into my life. Or to get more courage and clarity about what I really want.

For many years in January I invited friends over for a New Year’s collage party. We get messy with dozens of magazines, rip out pictures that appeal to us (mine vary from year to year, recently typical: hot springs, hammocks, typewriters, dancing in nature). We see what we are drawn toward. We paste together our collages and share them.

The words are often as important as the images.

Above you’ll find a collage I made last year as part of our first Quirkytogether 101 class. The most important words on this collage for me are “Truth Teller.” That’s because I want a relationship that is founded on truth. A relationship is only a trap when you can’t tell the truth. I look at “Truth-Teller” when I need courage. You’ll see lots of “flesh, sex, desire” on the collage. That’s important too. 🙂Read More