Create Space for Your Next Chapter…  

Are you at the zenith of your career–yet feeling stagnant (or burnt out)? 

Is there a restlessness in you that’s growing harder and harder to shake?

Are you wondering what’s next, and can’t find the time to figure it out? 

Calling all high-achieving women who want more soulful engagement with work.

Start exploring what’s next for you in community with others on the same journey in our 4-Hour Soulful Work Reboot.

Life is a lab for discovery. Come join us!

When: Saturday, Dec 3, 2022, and Saturday, December 10, both at 12-2 pm ET (four hours total – and easy to join us from other time zones on a Saturday!) 

Where: Online


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More and more of us are re-examining our choices after a multi-year pandemic. But when you don’t know what you want to do next, and every day is a fire drill, it’s easy to get stuck … for months, or even years. 

There’s a lot of talk about ending burnout.

We are all for that, but we also want to aim higher for what work can be in our lives.   

“The antidote to exhaustion isn’t rest, it’s wholeheartedness,” as poet David Whyte writes.  

One of the greatest triumphs of human existence is having work that feels good for ourselves and is good for the world at exactly the same time.  To get there, like any important journey, it is often not a straight path and requires experimentation.

This fall, my fellow executive coach Jade Strattner and I are offering the 4-Hour Soulful Work Reboot where we will be exploring with other women what soulful, fulfilling engagement with work looks like for each of us and experimenting with new tools to move forward.

This won’t be your average career workshop. This is made for high-achievers who are yearning to get out of their heads and into their bodies to figure out what comes next.

The Reboot will give you the steps to start exploring what’s possible when the workshop is over.

What will we talk about?

  • Our current experience with work
  • How and why are we each redefining ambition
  • What a heartfelt connection with work feels like for each of us

What will the experience be like?

  • Embodied–Get out of our heads and open the floodgate of our imagination using mind-body intelligence
  • Joyful–Express, learn, dance and laugh a lot
  • Intimate and Supportive–Each workshop will be limited to 20 women, integrated with a pre- or post-Lab thirty-minute one-on-one mini coaching session to help you get the most value out of the group session. 

What can you expect to take away?

  • Clarity about what you really want in the next chapter of your work life
  • Inspiration to jumpstart your own transformation
  • Practical tools to combat fear and inspire change
  • Focus on the first steps that will put you on an accelerated trajectory for forward movement

Our Story

We (Jade and Sasha) met in early 2022 in a class about “body intelligence” offered by the Hendricks Institute. By June 2022, we knew that we had to partner and co-create. 

We are very different, and also very similar. 

Jade was born in Vietnam, immigrating to the US as a refugee with her mother. Sasha was born in Rhode Island, and grew up in New England before setting off to California after college and Argentina in her late thirties.  Jade is married and a mother. Sasha is single and childfree. 

Jade studied engineering and mastered the corporate world of management consulting, science and innovation, and Sasha used her gift for expression that she has used in publishing books, coaching women, and starting companies.

Here’s what we have in common:  We crave achievement. Early on, we learned that to get the rewards of love and attention, we must work hard and be the best. 

In adulthood, we both discovered that single-minded drive to succeed helped us to reach career peaks.  Jade climbed the ranks to become a top executive at IBM, and Sasha published books with HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster and co-founded and sold a company in Silicon Valley. 

At a certain point, we realized that following the conventional rules was draining our life force energy–the very passion we brought to our work lives. Work had always been very important to us, but doing work the traditional way made us lose touch with our core selves. We redefined our own ambition. 

Jade signed up to be an intern in her fifties to a woman twenty years her junior when she left IBM! That bold choice led to starting her latest company Flourish, which helps hypergrowth organizations create conscious company cultures. She’s also consciously created a life with more space and community. 

Sasha left Silicon Valley to discover a more sensual life in South America, dancing and teaching tango, and came back to share those lessons with women in the US through her writing, executive coaching practice and work with CHIEF. Along with reshaping her career, she stays balanced by incorporating time for rest, play, and travel. 

We don’t have everything figured out, but we feel alive and expressed in our work. We are excited about opening up this conversation to women among women in our communities.

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