awaken the tango in you in buenos aires

Far more than a tango tour, this is a Tango Adventure, Solo Chica-style.


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Wanna dance?

Watch this invitation from Sasha, Quirkyalone author, life coach and creator of the Solo Chica Tango Adventure.

Introducing a whole new way to travel, Solo-Chica™-style…

You want an international adventure that is safe but also thrilling.

You want to reconnect with your body and your sensuality. You want to dance!

The Solo Chica Tango Adventure in Buenos Aires gives you everything you need for your dream tango vacation in Buenos Aires.

  • Dance tango in Buenos Aires whether you’re a total beginner or have been dancing years
  • Discover hidden gems of Buenos Aires, the Paris of the South, guided by locals passionate about tango
  • Follow the transformational course “Confidence, Boundaries + Sensuality through Tango” designed by Sasha in the milongas with your own personal Tango Fairygodmother (or father) 

Way more than your average “tango tour,” the Solo Chica Tango Adventure is your passport to insider experiences in Buenos Aires with new friends, support and community.

You will be connected immediately with local people in Buenos Aires when you arrive–even before you arrive via Skype! 

Move beyond your comfort zone. The magic happens in the unknown. Our Solo Chica team is here to support you.

There is no better place to explore tango than Buenos Aires

To get inside the fascinating culture of the milongas. To hear the passionate music. To dance. But if you come for a week it can be hard to  know where to start.


The Solo Chica Tango Adventure Itinerary is your passport to insider experiences in Buenos Aires

The 7-Day Solo Chica Tango Adventure itinerary is based on 9 years of my lived-it secrets in Buenos Aires and 6 years of leading Group Transformative Tango Adventures.

Like a chef who lived every recipe, I give you days that are recipes for tango bliss.

Not only do you get an incredible dance vacation in South America, you get insider Solo Chica pricing so your spending budget will be hundreds of $ less than if you tried to figure all this out on your own.

Most important, you’ll receive the warm support of the tango family I’ve brought together who will welcome you with a kiss on the cheek (the Buenos Aires way to greet).

As one woman who came on a recent adventure told me, “If I had come on my own maybe I would have had 1 amazing day. With your help I had 7 amazing days.”

What you get when you come on a Solo Chica Tango Adventure 

Solo Chica is a 7-day course that leads you on a transformative tango safari through the milongas of Buenos Aires. The course is designed to give you structure and support so it’s easy for you to come to Buenos Aires on your own or with a friend or partner.

For more than a vacation, the Solo Chica Tango Adventure gives you a magical, body-based personal development course: Confidence, Boundaries, and Sensuality through Tango. You’ll be doing the course as you dance in milongas with your Tango Fairygodmother (or father) who has been certified to guide you. 

Our mission is to empower women to travel alone. However, the Itinerary is easily adaptable for men (chicos), friends and couples. 

Our promise is the ease of the Itinerary and the transformative magic of our body-based teachings. Take your week of vacation. . . Solo Chica will turn it into an extraordinary 7 days that will teach you Argentine tango–and much more.

Let your 7-day trip be curated by tango insiders 

During your 7 days you’ll be exploring hidden gems of Buenos Aires, Paris of the South.

Your Tango Fairygodmother will meet with you via Skype before your trip to customize your milonga Itinerary according to your hopes for week and preferences: Afternoon or late-night? Traditional or alternative? Heart-centered or elite? Beginner or years in?

Here’s just an idea of your week.

Monday: Tango shoe-shopping at a secret boutique in an apartment where the focus is elegance and stability. First coffee with Tango Fairygodmother at antique “Bar Notable.” First elegant milonga.

Tuesday: Body-self-care day. Massage. Reflexology. Private lesson with one of the best tango teachers in Buenos Aires. 

Wednesday: Second private lesson. Psicotango session (psioctango is a methodology combining tango and psychoanalysis. You’ll only find it in Buenos Aires). Live orchestra at the milonga with your Tango Fairygodmother and a taxi dancer hooked up for you.

Thursday: Private yoga session. Another private tango lesson. Secret tango boutique.

That’s just a sample of what awaits!

Everything is explained to make it easy for you as a foreigner, even if you don’t speak Spanish. Every day is full of treats.


The Solo Chica Itinerary opens doors for you.

Go out with your Tango Fairygodmother to Milongas

Tango Fairygodmother Wanda with Diane on night one of her Solo Chica Tango Adventure. You won’t have to worry about figuring this out yourself.

Do a Tango Goddess Photo Shoot

Normal price: $500 Solo Chica price: $180. The Tango Goddess Photo Shoot is one example among many of how Solo Chica saves you $. (Think private classes, shoes, hotel, etc.!)

Or with your Tango Fairygodfather …

Tango Fairygodfather Keven has a special talent and love for helping women 50+ bring out their sensuality on the dance floor. The only danger is you may fall in love with him!

Or a Tango God Photo Shoot

We support men and couples too!

Insider prices for big savings.

The Itinerary more than pays for itself with the insider pricing. You’ll save $ with on private lessons, taxi dancers, Tango Fairygodmother, shoes, clothing, yoga, massage: far more than the program cost!

Peace of mind.

If you’re concerned about safety, we tell you everything in the Itinerary–to make it easy and stress-free for you based on local knowledge.

Be part of the local culture.

It’s not easy to break into a new dance scene. Solo Chica will make you an instant insider in the tango culture. You can easily be dancing on night one!

You’ll save yourself hours of work trying to figure this out for yourself on Google.
Truthfully, you never could figure this all out yourself … this stuff is not on Google.


You’ll visit a variety of milongas (the sacred places where tango is danced) with your Tango Fairygodmother (or father). From the elegant to the alternative, you can be part of this.


One of these amazing people will guide you along the course Confidence, Boundaries and Sensuality through Tango. While they help you dance, meet people, and learn the codes in the milongas.



Tango Fairygodmother


Tango Fairygodfather + Taxi Dancer


Tango Fairygodmother + Tango Teacher


Here are our tangasm-certified tango teachers and taxi dancers, plus a massage therapist, yoga teacher, Tango Goddess Photography team: all curated for you with insider Solo Chica pricing.



Tango Teacher


Psicotango Guide


Taxi Dancer


Taxi Dancer


Taxi Dancer


Tango Goddess Photographer


Debut Dancers Magicmaker


Personalized Yoga Teacher 


Tango Goddess Stylist + Tango Guesthouse Owner


Massage Therapist


Tango Goddess Photo Assistant

Special Introductory Price

7-Day Sola Chica Tango Adventure $2195



This insane intro pricing is good until October 31!

This is not some corporate tourist operation passing you through a machine like cattle.
This is bespoke, boutique transformative travel.

Where you’ll stay 

Solo Chica hotel and tango guesthouse options vetted for you 

Save yourself hours of searching on Trip Advisor. Solo Chica gives you trusted options in safe, central tango neighborhoods, all chosen because they will help you immerse yourself in the tango community. 

Solo Chicas get special discounts at the best tango guesthouses in Buenos Aires where you will meet others drawn to the passion of tango. 

what past adventurers say

Denise Breheny, Los Angeles, CA

I started at zero and now I can get out there on the dance floor. People are saying it looks like tango! I’ve had an amazing time. If you are thinking about coming you should.

Christian Isely, New Mexico

Sasha’s Tango Adventure was an incredible and transformative experience. It caught just the right balance of teaching a new skill, sparking new friendships, exploring the best of Buenos Aires, and opening a new world. Tango is indeed an entire world in itself.

Kerry Lander, Melbourne

Sasha’s Tango Adventure provided not only a soft landing in the metropolis of Buenos Aires, but a week of incredible fun, new experiences, new friends, and personal development. And of course, a lot of dancing! As a coaching client of Sasha’s, the added bonus of being able to have some face-to-face sessions with her was the icing on the cake.

Jeannette Gray, Melbourne

I traveled from Australia to South America for the first time solo without speaking Spanish. My time in Buenos Aires doing Sasha’s Tango Adventure was a pivotal and wonderful experience. Sasha and her team are the most lovely people, all of whom in their own ways appreciate the beauty and humanity at many levels of this transformational dance.

Why I created the Solo Chica Tango Adventure 

Born and raised in Rhode Island. Hooked on tango since 2010. I left behind a perfectly good career in Silicon Valley to follow a calling to study tango in Buenos Aires. That path returned me to my creative roots as a writer. Dancing tango in Buenos Aires has given me so much joy and fulfillment I wanted to help others have the same experience.

I created the Solo Chica Tango Adventure so you can have your own powerful lessons through tango in Buenos Aires. This stuff is too good to not share!

An advocate for #femalesolotravel, I created Solo Chica to empower more women with tools to travel alone with local knowledge, contacts and support. 

Tango as a Path of Healing + Transformation

I see tango as a path of physical and psychological healing.  That’s why I designed the Solo Chica Tango Adventure as a magical course of personal development where you get to discover what tango has to teach you–by living it in your body with your Tango Fairygodmother/father in the milongas. You’ll get to read about my own story of tango transformation in my memoir Wet.

If you want to gain a space to talk about all you are learning, you can pair the Tango Adventure with life coaching with me. For some people, tango and coaching are the ideal combination.


Can men come?

Yes. We call it Solo Chica but men are welcome to come for a Tango Adventure. We’ve hosted men in the past who have adored the experience. Everything is adaptable for you, whether you are a man, woman, or gender nonbinary. Our teachers and guides support you to learn whatever role you want to focus on.

What does Solo Chica mean?

The Solo Chica brand and project was created by Quirkyalone author and life coach Sasha Cagen. Solo Chica is all about creating a new way for women to travel alone independently with Itineraries and local contacts that support you for an extraordinary transformative learning adventure. Call it travel with a purpose or transformative travel, with the twist of thinking through everything you need as a woman to travel alone. Especially focused on adventures that are body-based and/or sensual because we all need some help getting off screens, out of our heads, and back into our bodies and feeling good. The first one is the Tango Adventure in Buenos Aires. Stay tuned!

How does this work? What do I get exactly when I buy the Itinerary?

From Solo Chica, you buy the Itinerary and the program, which has been curated with massive amounts of love and care–and is constantly updated to reflect the changing city and tango scene.

The Itinerary contains a transformative course through the milonga outings of the week and is totally comprehensive of what you would get on our group adventure, with days of curated tango blissed planned by insiders for you. The Itinerary has a transformational dimension. Your Tango Fairygodmother or father will lead you through this magical course on confidence and sensuality.

With your Itinerary, you get a unique secret code that gives you access to the special programs we have created for Solo Chicas.

The most important one is the Tango Fairygodmother/father program. Your Tango Fairygodmother will help you personalize your milonga schedule based on what’s happening in Buenos Aires the week you come and your personal preferences, age, level, etc. Your TFG also accompanies you in milongas to help you dance, get connected in the local culture, understand the codes, and meet people.

This code gives you local insider pricing that will save you money on private classes, guesthouse, shoes, clothing, Tango Goddess Photo Shoot, yoga and massage. You pay the guides, teachers, photographer and hotel or guesthouse directly at Solo Chica insider rates. This keeps administrative costs down for everyone, giving you the most magical, economical transformative travel experience possible in a week.

When you are considering your budget, consider $599 (special intro price) for the Itinerary and code, and $900 to $1200 to cover the rest of the week (this covers everything you will need for your immersion, excluding affair).

You are looking at less than $1,499 to $1,799 for a personally curated and supported week. By contrast, our group adventure is $2,995. The cost of a personally curated, guided week is $4,000+. Snap up your Solo Chica now while the prices are this low at the intro rate!

Can my 7-day Tango Adventure start on any day of the week?

The Solo Chica Itinerary starts on a Monday but you can easily start any day of the week.

Are there things I should know about the Argentine tango calendar that suggest an optimal start time?

In general, October-March is considered high season, and the other months are low season. Both are great for tango, that just depends on whether you prefer warmer months (October-March). January and February can be very hot! The winter is not very cold.

Your Tango Fairygodmother or father will meet with you via Skype before your trip to customize your Itinerary. In the end, any time you will be great because there are always special events happening in Buenos Aires tango. Your Tango Fairygodmother or father will help you connect with the milongas and other events that are best for you.

Are there refunds?

No. We do not offer refunds because once you buy the Itinerary you are buying the keys to the kingdom! 

Why Solo Chica and not Solo Chica?

Why Solo Chica vs. Sola? You’re talking to a branding expert here who created Quirkyalone, Pussywalking and StyleMob! 

I talked to many many people and debated Solo Chica vs. Sola Chica.

In the end, we went with Solo Chica, not Sola Chica, because although English speakers think that “Sola Chica” sounds correct actually Sola Chica means “lonely girl” in Spanish. Lonely girl is not the sad vibration we want our brand to send out to the universe!

Here are some of the amazing people waiting for you in Buenos Aires!

We are waiting for you!