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Designed for women, single or partnered. I help you to reconnect with your body, sensuality, and sexual wellness in the context of actionable life coaching that will impact all areas of your life. Curious to learn more? Let’s talk. First, tell me about you!


Life Coaching with a Sensual Twist 

What gets in the way of you embracing your sensuality and your sexuality? What makes this important for you?

Many therapists and life coaches shy away from topics of sexuality and sensuality, simply because they feel uncomfortable or unqualified.

I combine the lessons of connecting with your body, sensuality, and sexual energy with your overall empowerment in your life, your self-love and your self-worth. 

Your sexuality and sensuality are your life force energy and can be harnessed for the good of your life whether you are single, partnered, dating, or anything in between. 

Here are just a few of the things we can focus on. Don’t see what you want to focus on here? Reach out to request an initial consult and let’s talk to see if I can help.

Talk through your unique blocks and fears

Our inability to talk about sex, in both our daily lives and with our partners, is what holds us back from pleasure. You will gain an accessible, non-scary place to work through what’s holding you back and learn new things you never knew about.

Discover what sexy and sensual means for you

Discover your own unique sexuality and sensuality beyond the stereotypes, and experience the power of connecting with it and your body for the good of your life. 

Date, relate, and have sex in an empowered way

Get clear about what you really want and don’t want, and take steps to expand what is possible. Discover what you want, and get help on how ask for it.

Instead of shrinking or hiding, relate to your body as a source of many gifts

How do I find pleasure in my body? What can I do if I feel disconnected?  You’ll get personalized support co connect with your body from the inside out as a source of pleasure, joy, calm, and even bliss 

Expand your capacity to be intimate

Learn what it looks and feels like to be more intimate with yourself and with a partner, beyond what sex looks like in porn or is “supposed to look like”

Inhabit your body in a way that increases your confidence, radiance and sensuality

Pussywalking is a mindfulness practice that I created to help you find your confidence through your body, specifically through the process of awakening your sexual energy in your pelvic region and then circulating it throughout your body as you walk. I’ll teach you pussywalking and even pussybreathing! Learning from me directly is a big bonus.

Words from Clients

What Clients Say

Here’s what my clients say about working with me, and what they got out of the process. 

Healing vaginismus and other blocks

“I’ve had vaginismus (painful sex) for a few years. I tried working through it on my own with a step-by-step self-help guide, and with doctors, but hit a block. Avoiding sex with my partner of seven years became a habit. I was feeling like something was wrong; my libido was gone.

Quite quickly Sasha made me feel comfortable. Working with Sasha on my sexuality and sensuality, and my vaginismus, has been enlightening, interesting, fun, emotional, useful, exciting, therapeutic.

My partner and I are having the best sex of our 7-year relationship. I am experiencing pleasure that I didn’t know was possible. I wouldn’t have come this far without working with Sasha.“–Laura, Canada

Working through blocks of shame, discomfort, and reserve as a newly single woman

“I was coming out of a long marriage with an incompatible partner when I started working with Sasha. I had a typical English reserved feeling toward sexuality; everything is very unspoken. I had the feeling sexuality had the potential to impact all areas of my life, including my self-esteem, but I wasn’t sure how. Within my circle of friends I didn’t have people I could talk to.

Sasha brought structure and checked in with me about what was most important. Sasha has an ability to tune into people and help them understand themselves. Through this work with Sasha, I learned how good sex made me feel about my body and myself. The top thing I learned by working with Sasha is to value sex. I’m having the best sex of my life.”–Jeannette, 46, UK

Gaining a new source of intuition, self-trust, and self-worth

I’d worked with another coach for 10 years but working with Sasha has taken coaching to a new level. Aside from the fact that Sasha is the first woman to ask me to listen to my pussy — as well as my mind, heart and gut—Sasha has a unique style of coaching. She assigns “playwork” which she reads thoroughly before and after sessions, which makes sessions less of a “catch-up” and more of a “dig in.” Sasha isn’t a “yes person”— she challenges you, keeps you on track, always in a compassionate and collaborative way.–Carrie, Wisconsin

About Sasha

My Story

I grew up in New England, so I know what it feels like to be surrounded by the feeling that no one should talk about sex. Puritanism was part of the air I breathed as a child and teenager. 

When I went away to college in New York City, I became interested in sex as a path of empowerment for women, and my interest in sexuality and sensuality never flagged. I wrote about sex and sensuality in both of my books, Quirkyalone and To-Do List, and wrote about sex for publications like Men’s Health. When I left behind a successful career in Silicon Valley and became a life coach in 2011, I made training in sensuality and female empowerment a focus. I believe when we believe we are worthy of feeling good, we become more powerful in our lives. Prioritizing our own pleasure is a missing piece for so many of us.

I’ve immersed myself in the study and teaching of tango as a path of transformation, and lived in Buenos Aires for six years. Argentina is where I first started teaching “pussywalking,” a tool of somatic mindfulness to help women step into their power. I’ve taught hundreds of women since, from Rhode Island to Bali.  I also bring in concepts of sexual energy from the Tantric and Taoist sexuality traditions to help women connect with their power, their calm, and their bliss–and of course, to get clear about what they really want for their lives. Turned-On Living is the group curriculum I have created to take women through a yearlong program of personal development, and you will get to learn many of those lessons in Sensuality Sessions.

It should also be noted that I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, and have done the healing work necessary for my own path. This story of healing is the subject of my memoir Wet. I bring the sensitivity of having done this work to my sensuality life coaching. I may not be the therapist that you speak with first if you are going through healing from childhood sexual trauma, but I may be part of the story for you in reconnecting with your body, your power, and your pleasure.


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