Is it time to commit to yourself?

Some of us are on healing journeys in this lifetime, and if that’s you, self-marriage can be a beautiful, fun way to explore and grow your love affair with life and yourself.

Tara Brach said she cried when she first heard someone say she was learning to love herslef. That’s possible? Self-marriage is a way to do that. 

For those people who are getting all worried about the sancticty of marriage. don’t worry. Self-marriage is not going to make you single forever unless you want to be and iii it’s really it sounds controversial but it’s really very sane and rational.

Do you want to take the time and space to make a commitment to yourself and your life?

I’ve helped both single and married women tie the knot with themselves.

Self-marriage is a creative, spiritual, and life-changing way of taking charge for your own happiness.

When we work together on your self-marriage, you’ll identify your core values, learn tools of self-compassion, and reflect on what you want to commit to in your life. You will also create a unique ritual, vows, and celebration.

When I work with people on self-marriage it’s in the context of 1:1 coaching or in Sasha’s School of Turned-On Living. If you are interested you can inquire about being part of both.

 Self-marriage helps people to connect with themselves, and not lose themselves in a relationship or accept less than what they truly want and need in any situation in life by helping them resource love and compassion for themselves. 

You don’t have to wear a white wedding dress and invite 100 people.

I didn’t, and most of the women I have helped to marry themselves do not.

Marrying yourself is a creative adventure that you get to design. If we work together, you’ll get my support.


Why I Offer Self-Marriage Coaching

My self-wedding day (notice no white dress!)

As the author of Quirkyalone: A Manifesto for Uncompromising Romantics (HarperCollins), I first wrote about self-marriage in 2004. When researching that book, I interviewed women who married themselves. They told me they had a pattern of giving away too much in relationships, of losing themselves. Self-marriage was a way to set a foundation of self-connection for the rest of their lives.

Later I experienced the adventure of self-marriage myself at age 40 when I wasn’t married, or close to married. I wanted to do something deep and profound as a ritual of self-acceptance to mark a big birthday.

Ever since I have been helping other women and men marry themselves in their own unique ceremonies.

Self-marriage is a concrete way of committing to ourselves and our lives.

Marrying yourself means you want to be single forever. You can definitely be polyamorous (married to yourself and involved with someone else!). 

My thought leadership and advice on self-marriage has been featured extensively from the New York Times to ABC News-Nightline, making me one of the leading voices on this subject. To learn more, you can read my interview with Vogue on “Why Women Are Choosing to Marry Themselves.”

You can also check out this fun interview I did with Tele-Noche, the leading news program in Argentina. (I married myself in the Japanese Gardens in Buenos Aires, and that’s where this interview was shot.)

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