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Whether you’re quirkyalone, together, or whatever, you need a coach who gets it. 

Since 2000, I have been helping people who identify with my definition of quirky:  unique, authentic and sincere (and not wanting to settle).  Self-worth and -discovery is always a focus. My approach is an action-oriented, educational and creative alternative to therapy. I work with individuals, business owners, and executives.

YES. We can work together in a pandemic. We are all going through huge shifts, which requires being able to adapt our plans, worldview, and habits. We get a chance to get real and grow. My support can help you navigate this tough time and come out stronger.


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 My work has been featured in the New York Times,USA Today, Vogue, and on NPR and CNN. 

My Books are torn from the heart

To get to know me, read my books.  

My first two books Quirkyalone and To-Do List are essay collections. I’m almost done with my third, a memoir (working title Wet) for anyone who has felt too damaged for intimate relationships. It’s the story of recovering from a buried memory of childhood trauma through many adventures in sensuality in South America. Check them out here.

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Self-Love and Self-worth

Dating/relationships esp. As a quirkyalone/quirkytogether

Sex/sensuality/Life force energy

Leadership at work 

Your super-duper general enjoyment of life 


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Since I’m passionate about tango, I split time between the US and Argentina. I’m currently in Rhode Island. I work with clients worldwide via Skype so we meet in the Sky anyway.