Sasha’s School of Turned-On Living 

Sasha’s School of Turned-On Living is a unique monthly membership program to keep you on the path of living your best, most turned-on life.

Gathering together a community of people who resonate with my books and work, I teach you the tools and practices that I know work based on 10 years of coaching to help you to stay true on track to live the life you most desire.

What do I mean by turned-on life? Not just sexual arousal! I mean feeling the turn-on of alive. Being turned-on is a practice, and these practices will get you re-connected with your body, your soul, and your unique desires for your life.

In tough times like these, we need our turn-on more than ever. This program can also help you get moving if you lost your way during the pandemic, or you just wanna learn together with others who are committed to living a turned-on life too, lit up from the inside.


  • Fresh perspectives and tools that work. You’ll be learning from me and the others in the program. I’ll be sharing with you concrete, practical tools and practices that help us build our three intelligences: cognitive, emotional, and body intelligence. I will throw in creative exercises too. I share what I know really works from 10 years of coaching. This ranges from pussywalking to pussywhispering (did you know your pussy can be psychic?), to visioning your life, and learning how to  bring up your feelings and needs for authentic, open conversations for better, closer relationships. It’s what I KNOW makes a difference in my clients’ lives.
  • Support to turn well-being practices into daily habits. What I see over and over again in my own life, and the lives of my clients, is that the path to an aligned turned-on life with unstoppable momentum comes by integrating practices into your life, and this program will help you do just that–with the ones that most call to you.
  • Community and accountability. We learn best with others, and when we are accountable with a buddy. You will have the opportunity to get buddy accountability support for each month’s practice.
  • Simplicity. This world has gone crazy! I am designing this experience to be simple, effective, and fun.

There will be one class a month. If you miss the class, you get the replay. You also get the opportunity to connect with another member of the class for an Turned-On Life Accountability Buddy to do the month’s practice (or adventure!) and reflect on it together.

Who this is for: People who resonate with my work, and books, and want support to live a turned-on life. This is for DOERS. It’s for people who want to try new things, and know that the more you put into something, the more you get out of it. People who want to show up, make new friends, and learn together.

Who it is not for:

 Complainers who get mad at me if everything is not perfect. I am launching this from scratch, so I am looking for people who get that this is a co-creative adventure and want to be part of it. This program is not going to hand-hold you or give you the lasered-in, personalized support of individual coaching.

When: The School will kick off in late July with the first class. 

Time commitment: Summer classes will be simple and fun to respect the slow-down vibe this time of year (in the Northern part of the globe). It’s not going to be a heavy commitment. With the world being so crazy right now, I want to keep the practices simple and at the same time impactful and–dare I say–life-changing.

Pricing: Early-bird price for the beta gets you grandmothered in for the rest of the year at super low price: $49 a month

After that the price will go up, so you can sign up now to get in on the ground floor.

WILDLY VALUABLE BONUS! ALMOST SO GOOD IT’S TOO GOOD! If you sign up by Wednesday, July 5 at midnight ET you get a free 40-minute coaching session with me, on the topic of your choice. To sign up, send an email saying I’m in!

The offer of a free session is not just a marketing tactic. I want to know the initial members well and really design this school to support you in your needs. So sign up to be a founding member of the school, and join me in this adventure.

If you want in on this wicked cool bonus (as we said in Rhode Island growing up), sign up by Wednesday, July 5 at midnight ET!

xo Sasha