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my quirky birthday mug

my quirky birthday mug, just for fun

I have spent most of my adult life single. As I talk, think, and write more about what it is like for the extremely quirkyalone me to become passionately quirkytogether, I start to realize that being quirkytogether is about so much more than romantic relationships.

Becoming quirkytogether is not about any particular outcome. For example, our goal in our class QT101 is not to help you get married or even to find your soul mate. Or to help you blend your quirks with the quirks of your current partner. Your quirkytogether journey is even bigger than that.

Our goal in QT101 is to help you show up fully as who you are in every relationship. Our goal is to help you find yourself. You are the one. Believe me, going on this quirkytogether journey has spillover effects for making me feel great in every moment of my life. And that’s why I want to share it with you.

I am a much happier person since I took this turn in my quirkyalone life to develop the quirkytogether in me. I’m not only talking about my romantic relationships. I’m talking about relationships in dating, or with lovers, family, friends, even the people I see at the cafe every day.

We did a half-hour Quirkyalone Coffee Chat yesterday to share on the topic of “What every quirkykalone needs to know about quirkytogether.” If you listen to the call, you’ll get a sense of what I’m talking about–how expansive quirkytogether truly can be.

Listen to the recording here.

My personal story of QA & QT
I shared my personal story of what it has been like being the public face of this quirkyalone movement, and how that has been both good and hard for me at times. Whether it is because I became the founder of the quirkyalone movement or simply because I am who I am, I developed a whole lot of limiting beliefs about what it means to be in a relationship.

In a nutshell, I thought that in order to be free and to be truly myself, I needed to stay single. I thought, if I was in a relationship, I would lose my freedom and my spark, so why would I want to do that? Of course I found something wrong with every man I dated. I equated coupling up with losing what mattered most to me.

Through a process of naming and letting go of those limiting beliefs, rather diligently and repeatedly I might add, I’ve created a new sense of freedom and possibility in my life about the relationships I cocreate. My friendships and boyfriend relationships have been much more quirkytogether. By that, I mean, I show up as fully myself, and the other person does too. We are more authentic. Wherease I used to say goodbye, see you to ex-boyfriends, and rarely stayed close, some of these more quirkytogether boyfriends have become really great quirkytogether friends. We absolutely get and appreciate each other.

I’m still single. But I am ecstactically quirkytogether!

For single people and coupled people
This class is equally valuable for single and coupled people. I want that to be clear. Seriously, if you have never kissed a girl, or you are in a five-year relationship that you want to infuse with a better blend of independence and interdependence, this class is for you. Because we’ll be deconstructing our limiting beliefs and replacing them with new ones of our choosing, and that process can rock your world whether you are single or in an established relationship.

Sign up for QT101 by Thursday at midnight
If you are interested in joining us for this weeklong exploration, you can still join us! I am now calling it a weeklong skinnydipping because we’ll all be jumping in the pool naked with our limiting beliefs. We’ll emerge refreshed and renewed.

Registration closes Thursday at midnight. Class starts Saturday.

You can read about the class HERE.


We await you in QT101!

It’s worth it!


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