The Quirky Movement is Growing (CA, FL, PA, and Near You Soon)

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It’s great to be back in quirky-movement-building mode in a new way teaching these classes GetQuirky and Quirkytogether 101. An energy builds within the class and then there are ripple effects as “graduates” take this quirky-positive spirit out into the world.

Here are two awesome things that two women from our recent quirkytogether class are doing and one event I’ll be participating in this weekend in California:

— First off, I’ll be speaking on a panel at Litquake this Sunday in Palo Alto. Litquake is San Francisco’s legendary literary festival. There will be talks with authors like Daniel Handler, Jane Smiley, and Andrew Sean Greer and I’ll be on a panel called “What’s Love Got to Do With It? Finding Your Way in the New Sex and Romance Landscape” representing this quirkys (alones and togethers)! It’s all free! Check out this Facebook page for the event and see you in Palo Alto.

— Over there in Gainesville, Florida, Barbara is organizing a MeetUp group for quirkyalones and quirkytogethers. Her vision: “to create a community of like-minded people that enjoy and thrive in being single while at the same time remain open to a partnership with a mutually independent and quirky person.” Check out Barbara’s QA/QT MeetUp group here. If you live near Gainesville, join her. If you don’t live in Gainesville, let this be an inspiration to create your own group on MeetUp.
I may even create a meetup group here in the Bay Area. Stay tuned!

— In both of my online classes: GetQuirky and Quirkytogether 101 we identify and celebrate our quirks. Katie who was in the QT101 class wants a practice to keep embracing her quirks. . . so she is doing #30daysofquirks on Twitter. She tweets out one quirk a day. By quirk, we mean something special and unique to you, and maybe even something that you have not celebrated about yourself. My favorite one of Katie’s quirks so far is: “I am absolutely fascinated with asparagus pee. Kind of gross, but always a surprise. ALWAYS. #30daysofquirks #quirkyalone”
Follow Katie at @bohemianonrye here.

Thanks for staying connected and for being part of our movement!

With love,
Sasha Cagen

P.S. GetQuirky, 21 days to celebrate the quirky in you, will be open for registration in a few short weeks.

Valerie Bosselait, a small business owner in Amherst, Massachusetts, who participated in the beta GetQuirky describes what she got out of it: “No matter what your age or gender, GetQuirky is an interactive and very real experience that will surprise and enrich you. Sasha unflinchingly shares her own life experience, and is a knowing and kind guide who will suggest a direction but point you towards making your own choices.

GetQuirky helped me get to a place where I could begin to love myself, flaws, fears, and all. During the course I noticed, as I went about doing all the things necessary to keep life on track, that I had a bouncier step. Instead of being merely “efficient,” I became happier in the world.”

For more information on GetQuirky and to sign up for updates, click HERE.


  1. Jill

    Yay for Katie and Valerie! I’m trying to figure out ways to bring quirkyness into my classroom without losing my funding. I’ll let you know if I manage.

  2. sasha

    Hi Jill, What do you imagine that would you do that would cause you to lose funding? Curious to know more . . .

  3. Sue Vittner

    Whoohooo!! Quirky is everywhere! Thanks Sasha for spreading the love and to everyone else who is helping in the movement. I was just at Dance Camp New England which is full of folks who have been dancing their quirks for over 20 years!

  4. Jill

    I didn’t get notified about your comment, Sasha. Seeing it is my luck for today. I was late taking my comprehensive exams (eighteen hours of essays) because the department didn’t initially decide to give me extra time to type. Now I’m behind, which puts my funding in jeopardy.

    • sasha

      Oh, Jill! I’m wishing you strength! You deserve complete recognition of quirkyyou from your department.

  5. Jenn "Quirkycreature" Lee

    I so want to create a QuirkyMovement in Hawaii! Think of all the possibilities!!!!!!!!!! I know there are hidden Quirkyalones and Quirkytogethers burrowed in little niches on the island (and other islands). Any ideas?!

  6. sasha

    That’s great quirkycreature Jenn! For one, you could consider doing a Meetup group like Barbara is doing in Florida. Barbara is very friendly and would probably be very open to chatting with you about her experience and to give tips based on that.


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