Quirky gatherings in Wisconsin and San Francisco. Plus MANTACT and the TANGASM.

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quirkyalones in Wisconsin

quirkyalones in Wisconsin

I got this fantastic message and wanted to share it with you as inspiration for your local community.

“You have inspired me to spread quirky and unite my hometown. We had give quirkysingles unite for dinner on February 14! My name is Lizz Berry, the one on the right in my photo. I’m from Eau Claire, WI. After a divorce about a year ago I found the Quirkyalone book in the ‘single again’ section at my library. On February 14 I asked one good friend out for dinner, she in turn invited another. We met up for Mexican food and 2 for 1 margaritas! Laughs were had.

I mentioned the concept of quirkyalones and they all related, all of them near early 30s and unmarried, career oriented or travel types. We are having a QuirkySingles open forum discussion on nutrition at the end of March too at a bookstore.

One thing my single friends and I have talked about is why we as single gals only get invited to hang out with women. Sometimes we need man contact too. We’ve started saying, ‘Gosh I just really need some Mantact right now…or I could really use a man hug.’ We have invited several guy friends to the next hangout. Platonic coed singles events are rare in our town.”

Don’t forget I am hosting my own quirky co-ed party tomorrow night (Thursday, March 6) in San Francisco. It’s a private house party where I’ll share my love and knowledge of what’s special about dancing tango in Buenos Aires. The party starts at 7:30 and I will give a brief lecture at 8. We’ll drink wine, listen to tango music, and socialize.

I did an Internet interview about the Quirky Tango Adventure today and we spent a lot of time talking about the “tangasm”! I cannot guarantee you will have a tangasm on the Buenos Aires trip but it is quite likely.

If you want to come to the party and learn what a tangasm IS, then be sure to RSVP to my email and I’ll send you the party info. See you there!


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