Grace and Frankie is the New Golden Girls

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the new odd couple, and the new golden girls

the new odd couple, and the new golden girls

A tip for you. . .

I just finished watching the first season of Grace and Frankie on Netflix. I have to say, I think this is a very quirkyalone show!

Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are playing born-again quirkyalones, for sure, who didn’t have a choice about the matter initially–their husbands dump them when they finally announce they are gay and in love! I also think this show is the new Golden Girls–older women cohabitating and supporting each other through love and life. If you read Quirkyalone, you know that I loved the Golden Girls and and asked each quirkyalone I interviewed to name his or her favorite Golden Girl.

I know from talking with many of you that Netflix can be a soul-sucking distraction from getting things done and getting out in the world. Netflix is the new addiction of our time. But, if you want to relax with some quirkyalone entertainment I wholeheartedly recommend Grace and Frankie.

The series gets better and better (as most do). . . so hang on if you don’t love it immediately. They cover all the important topics:
+ how to communicate to a clumsy male lover about how to touch you (this episode is gold)
+ the invisibility (or not) of these hot older ladies, plus, of course, vaginal dryness and wetness
+ how to break up with the really, really, really nice guy who is so hard to break up with but you’re just not into him

The show is a great exploration of the importance of female friendship, especially the friendship of two prickly women. In Quirkyalone, I dedicated a chapter to friendship, and write about the concept of the “Boston Marriage”–an arrangement where women friends live together platonically to support each other. Grace and Frankie are thrown into, and then developing, a Boston Marriage through the show.

What strikes me about the show is that we are always learning. . . these women in their seventies are tackling a lot of the same questions that women and men face in their twenties, just with more life experience under their belt. The learning and adventure never has to stop. Personally I’m much more interested in watching the shenanigans of 72-year-old women rather than 22-year-old women, just because, well, they have lived. And we don’t get to see the shenanigans of 72-year-old women enough.

Enjoy. . . and let me know what you think.

In my world. . . We are getting ready for the fifth TANGASM ADVENTURE in two weeks here in Buenos Aires with some awesome quirkyalone women coming. The dates are August 15-22. Just last night I got this message, “I just sent you a link from your website to see if I can possibly hop on the Argentina bandwagon in a couple of weeks. For many reasons, I have time available and just came across this. I would love to join the group. Is there any chance? I guess life is really short and I want to hop on this.” So if you too are a way last-minute planner, the answer is yes, we have two spots open. If that’s you fill this out TODAY to hop on the bandwagon!

With love,

P.S. I’ll be back in the Bay Area in September and October. Stay tuned for stateside stuff.


  1. lina

    I love Grace and Frankie too. Two of my favorite actresses for many years. And Martin and Sam too. Being closer to their ages than you are, I can relate to them. Although I have been single for almost 20 years and intend to remain so. I plan on completely changing my life in two years. When I start getting my social security at 66, I am going to sell my home of 25 years and move to Buenos Aires. I want to dance tango till I die. It will be a 360 from the quiet mountain town I have lived in for a very long time. I am excited and scared. and really happy. I will be in Buenos Aires for two months, August to October. I would love to meet you. We have a slight connection already, Alejandro is my tango teacher there. Asi, nos vemos pronto.

    • Sasha

      Excellent Lina! Way to keep on moving!

    • Carissa

      Wow, Lina! I’m so excited for you and your life. Thank you for sharing your big life churn.

  2. Carolyn

    Sasha, Thanks so much for finding and sharing such great models of quirkyalone women! For those of us writing about dating and relationships and adventuring in our 40s and 50s and 60s, it is so good to have positive models of growing older with all our quirky ways plus accurate reflections of dating in the 21st century. And you are one of those models too. Have fun with your next Tangasm Adventure group!

  3. Elline

    Love this, Sasha! I’ve just started watching the show and was really taken with the significance of all the themes you’ve mentioned. Looking forward to seeing how they — and the chemistry of their relationships on the show — all develop.

    • Sasha

      Yay Elline, glad to hear you are diving into the show. It’s so fun.


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