Celebrating 20 years of the Quirkyalone Movement on Zoom

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This month we are celebrating twenty years of the quirkyalone movement since the publication of my book Quirkyalone: A.Manifesto for Uncompromising Romantics. 

The publication date of Quirkyalone was January 6, 2004. On the morning of Saturday, January 6, 2024, I decided to be spontaneous. I sent out a message to my newsletter list inviting people to join in for a Zoom session to honor the day of publication that very afternoon.

Lots of people responded! (If you are not on the newsletter list yet, what are you waiting for? This is how you get invited to such special impromptu gatherings!)

In the Zoom session (watch above!), I was blown away by the people who showed up and the stories they shared about how the book hit them in their lives way back when, and how they have carried Quirkyalone with them as an important foundational concept. 

We were joined by Walt Jacobs who has been part of the quirkyalone movement since nearly 2000 and strongly identifies as a married quirkyalone, and people like Rosemary who had just heard about Quirkyalone in the last few weeks. We were joined from people all over the world in fact, from Russia to Australia to Canada to people all over the US.

The beat goes on! While there are a lot more podcasts, books, and movies out there portraying the lives and choices of people who don’t settle in love,  and consequently spend quite a bit of time being single, the message of Quirkyalone will never stop being relevant because it makes room for all of a complex experience: enjoying being single, wanting love and intimacy at the same time.

I am always moved by the kind-hearted nature of the people who join Quirkyalone events too. In twenty years, that’s one thing that has not changed.

During the Zoom session, I read the original 700-word essay, a highly crafted piece of writing that I spent over a year laboring over obsessively, as it was published in my own magazine To-Do List back in 2000, and then Utne Reader. So settle in for some story time.

Listen in and let us know when you first encountered Quirkyalone!

If you are a loyal Quirkyalone reader–and there are a lot of you out there!– one of the best things you can do is to write a review on Amazon or Goodreads. That will help me get my next and third book Wet out to you. Your support is appreciated!


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