Earlier this year I stumbled on a website for a seven-week online course Calling in the One. The website looked pink and frilly. Not for me. Then I listened to a free call from the creators Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zammit and immediately I knew this course was for me. Why? They described my situation to a tee.

Yearning for a great love relationship and at the same time in despair about my ability to actually attract and sustain one.

I signed up for their seven-week course last June. The course absolutely rocked my world and gave me so much insight into myself and my patterns in love. In painful ways. Painful and necessary. I grew so much by taking this course. They are opening up another session of this October and registration is still open until Thursday, October 11, so I want to share this course with you now and encourage you to take it.

Their message is profound and simple. The real obstacles to attracting love are not outside us, but within us.

The course is about much more than finding “the one.” It’s really about developing yourself to be your own “one.” The course leads you in a process that helps you to truly love yourself so that you can move past the patterns that have blocked you in love. We’re not talking about getting a mani-pedi or taking a bubble bath. We are talking about loving yourself in your most vulnerable places. About understanding where your triggers come from and how to nurture yourself so that you act in an adult, mature way in a relationship. It teaches you how to envision and manifest the relationship you really want, your “A” relationship. Like me at Quirkyalone, the Calling in the One women are not about settling.

Until I took this course, I will be honest, I felt a level of despair about my ability to create a relationship with a great partner. I’m in my late thirties. Could the explanation for why I have been single most of my adult life really be as simple as not having met the right guy yet? I started to grow suspicious of that explanation. Sure, I’m quirkyalone. Sure, I love the freedom of being single, I love solitude and my friends. But I’ve been ready to be quirkytogether for a few years. Or so I thought. Actually, the course showed me that I really hadn’t been ready. And it helped me become ready. The whole course was like one seven-week aha moment. Seriously.

Although I have not met my guy yet, I have much more hope and clarity about how to date while looking for my partner.

Without having made my patterns and limiting beliefs conscious, I probably would have continued to create the same frustrating dating reality of dating unavailable men and being in short-lived flings for years into the future. I am grateful to Claire and Katherine for creating Calling in the One and helping me take a powerful, sometimes painful, and ultimately hugely growthful look at myself and what I want. I have a more clearly developed vision of what I want. Taking the course was a huge personal growth and learning experience. What I love about this course it is that it has taught me how to grow myself in all my relationships—with my siblings, parents, friends, and most importantly, with myself—as preparation for a relationship with my long-term partner.

If you are like me, yearning for a relationship and just in despair about your ability to actually have and sustain one, I want to encourage you to take this course.

Don’t be put off by their pink branding. It’s a very feminist course and message. Men can take Calling in the One too. There were men in my course and it’s also relevant for you. It’s about developing a truly quirkytogether partnership where both people are dynamic and whole and support each other to reach their highest potential as individuals and as a couple. It’s the next step in the evolution of partnership—a truly feminist, spiritual partnership.

Here is a free online seminar that will give you a taste of the course. The course has actually just started and the registration period is open until October 11. They only offer the course a couple of times a year, so I really recommend that if you are out there dating and despairing like I was, jump right in. There is so much value in the material they are teaching.