Last week I got this email from a reader and I wanted to share it with you. . .

Hello Sasha,

I doubt you’ll remember me, but I had e-mailed you a couple of years ago in response to a question you’d posed on Facebook, and I’d also mentioned to you that I’m a sociology professor at Wingate University in North Carolina, and that I assign your book Quirkyalone in my Deviant Behavior class, as one example of how to be a non-conformist in society.

I was grading exams tonight which included an essay question about the concept of being Quirkytogether from the book, and one of the students put it as well as I think I’ve ever heard it described, and I felt I ought to share this with you. She wrote:

“Quirkytogether: two whole people that don’t need each other but want to be together.”

Thanks to Aaron for passing this along. And yes I remembered you!

I often coach and write about this topic of two independent people coming together to create a relationship based on their own values, desires, and rules. (And I dedicate a chapter to “quirkytogether” in Quirkyalone.)

What do you think of the definition? What does “quirkytogether” mean to you? How does this student’s definition resonate for you? Please feel free to share in the comments, and who knows, it may become part of a list to be shared in a future Quirkytogether book!