You are more powerful than you know

Learn Sasha’s Pussywalking Method

Do you want to increase your confidence?

Do you want to feel more energized, radiant, and magnetic for opportunities?

Do you want to improve your posture?

Pussywalking is a somatic mindfulness practice to help you find your confidence through your body, specifically through the process of awakening your sexual energy in your pelvic region and then circulating it throughout your body as you walk.

Pussywalking will teach you secret superpowers of being a woman. This is stuff that I spent years learning in obscure workshops, and then years honing a method for how to teach.

Learning Sasha’s Pussywalking Method is easy, and enlightening… and any woman of any age can do it.

Grow your confidence you when connect with your “pussy energy”

I grew up in New England, and I didn’t grow up using the word “pussy” in everyday conversation.

So believe me, it’s as strange for me as it is for you that I’m talking about “pussywalking.”

But I tapped into the power of my pussy and I want the same for you too.

I have taught Sasha’s Pussywalking Method to hundreds of women since 2012 in my journey as a life and executive coach. I have taught pussywalking to women who working at VP level at IBM and a woman in a wheelchair who couldn’t walk. I have never taught pussywalking to a woman and not seen a visual transformation in her being.

Your experience will be unique to you. Here’s a sample of what women have told me pussywalking has done for them over the years.

  • A more statuesque posture and more powerful presence, in the workplace, at home, and on the street
  • Increased confidence
  • Lighter mood
  • More inner peace (and a secret smile that overtakes your face, if they only knew what you were doing)
  • A reconnection to your own sexuality, sexual energy, and sensuality whether you’re single or partnered

Practicing the pussywalk can help you:

  • When you are walking into a room of suits, or presenting to a room of suits on Zoom
  • Get noticed. People may tell you, “whatever you are doing, keep doing it!”
  • Enjoy job interviews, dates, and public speaking
  • Feel empowered to ask for what you want
  • Get instantly connected to your self-worth

There are no negative side effects such as depression or decreased libido.

Think of it as more powerful than a power pose, because nothing is more fundamental to our experience than how we walk through the world. Ready to learn?

I hired a videographer to record a Pussywalking Workshop in Bali where I taught my signature three-step process Sasha’s Pussywalking Method.

Enter your email address and you’ll get access to this free video course when it’s ready. It’s designed with love to help spread pussywalking across the planet to women who are ready to learn!

By the way, men can learn to tap into “pussy energy” too and pussywalk as well, believe it or not!

Learn Sasha’s Pussywalking Method

I created Sasha’s Pussywalking Method from my deep immersion in Argentine tango since 2010, years of study of female sexuality, somatic (body-based) life and executive coaching, and my years of wandering through South America studying how women walk.

My goal is to teach a million women to pussywalk.

Want to be one of them, and spread the word?

Sign up here and we will be in touch.

Let me know how pussywalking goes for you…

1. Visualize your internal female sexual anatomy

The first step is about creating a “body schema” in your mind. You’ll come to  understanding the wealth of nerve endings in the internal clitoris. That little button… it’s just the tip of the iceberg!
ladies showing pussywalking symbol after a workshop with sasha cagen

2. Awaken your “pussy energy”

The second step happens when you learn how to bring your awareness to this part of your body to activate your “pussy energy’ with breath, and focus. You’ll learn how to awaken your pussy energy and begin to circulate it through your body.

3. Take Your First Pussywalk

You’ll bring all the elements together in your walk, and notice how focusing on the center of your body affects your walk, from how your feet touch the ground to the position of your head.

Bonus: Pussywalk with Intention

As you advance in your pussywalk, you’ll be invited to bring a special intention to your walk.


Let’s get you pussywalking

Here’s a quick two-minute video that I shot back in 2019 in Buenos Aires as a primer to pussywalking.

Be sure to enter your email address to get the detailed video workshop shot in Bali in 2023. This one teaches you how to practice Sasha’s Pussywalking Method, step by step.

What women (and men) say

Reports from PW Students

“It’s super interesting to explore pussywalking at the same time that my reproductive hormones are settling down. I think about moving through a hormonal threshold with curiosity to discover what richness is there, rather than try to hold on to something that is transforming. I appreciate the work and play you are engaging that moves the societal needle.”–Hilery A., Pacific Northwest


“Thank you for including me in the amazing pussywalking workshop last night.  You did a marvelous job with a very special group of women. I was taking notes and wanted to share my key takeaways. This is an exploration about getting what we want and enjoying life more. Confidence comes from feeling good in your body. It is possible to turn on this confidence by bringing awareness to your pussy.”–Jade S., Katonah, New York
“I used pussywalking before an online dating event to gain confidence and put my body and mind in the right space. It felt empowering, sexy, and fun! It also loosened my limbs and relaxed my inhibitions/shyness.”–Melissa, Toronto

“This is the fastest postural adjustment strategy that I have ever learned, and I have read a lot of books about posture.”–Rishad, NYC (male pussywalker!)

“I practiced pussywalking for the first time last night, just for a few moments, when I was walking along the street on an evening out with my partner. He looked over at me almost immediately and said, ‘You look beautiful tonight.’ And when we got home later he said, ‘I was so proud to be walking with you tonight, your posture was… statuesque… proud.’ He couldn’t quite put it into words and I didn’t tell him my secret, but this is powerful stuff!”–Jody, UK

“I have been in New England since I came in 2002 from a little town in Colombia. We don’t talk about ‘pussy’ in those places where I’m from. I do understand the magnitude of what you are teaching women, to wake up their feminine energy power, something most men do naturally (be in their masculine energy). You are brave to put it out there, and I’m sure countless women (that perhaps will never reach out to you) will benefit from it.”–Alexandra, Rhode Island, U.S.


Learn Sasha’s Pussywalking Method

Want to learn to pussywalk?

Sign up here to get access to the Three-Step Sasha’s Pussywalking Method Workshop that I taught in 2023.

You’ll learn from the comfort of your own home and be accompanied by the awesome women (and one man) who learned with me in Bali.

Want to go deeper with personalized attention?

You have a few options.

– Reach out for 1:1 coaching

– Join the next cohort of Turned-On Living, where we practice pussywalking for 12 entire months together for full integration! In a year, you will master your pussywalk! We get started in June 2024. The group will be formed by February. This is very small and intimate, and the group is hand-curated.

– Inquire about doing a 1:1 Pussywalking VIP Day in Providence, Rhode Island, where you can get personal attention and a coaching session live, in person. The in-person energy is powerful!