Your Pussywalking Journey Starts Here

I know! It’s crazy! I said the word “pussy” out loud. I’m from New England, so it’s nuts for me too. But there is a method to the madness, and a reason for reclaiming this word–and our bodies.

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I grew up in Rhode Island, and I didn’t grow up using the word “pussy” in everyday conversation. That was a word men screamed at us from cars in high school.

So believe me, it’s as strange for me as it is for you that I’m talking about “pussywalking.”

But I tapped into the power of my pussy and I want the same for you too. (I also discovered the power of reclaiming this taboo word.)

Pussywalking is a mindfulness technique to find your confidence through your body, specifically through the process of awakening your female sexual energy in your pelvic region and then circulating it throughout your body as you walk.

I developed pussywalking through my own study of female sexuality, and tango, and through my travels in South America. I first came up with the concept back in 2011, and have been sharing it with women ever since. First one-on-one, then with my coaching clients, then with my Tango Adventure clients in Buenos Aires, now in Sasha’s School of Turned-On Living.

Pussywalking was not designed to shock and titillate; it’s something I deeply believe in because I’ve seen the immediate transformation this simple shift of awareness can make in a woman’s confidence and being.

The term is unforgettable, and the effect on your confidence is undeniable.

Cockiness is associated with confidence. And “pussiness”?

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Every journey begins with a single step.

Your pussywalking journey begins here!


Benefits of Pussywalking

What are the benefits of pussywalking?

Women have told me all kinds of stories. From what they experience, and what I have experienced, I have assembled this list.

  • Greater confidence
  • Feeling more grounded
  • Better posture, including looking “statuesque”
  • More enjoyment of the moment
  • Being more spontaneous and uninhibited
  • Nailing job interviews
  • Increased comfort public speaking
  • Radiance (people saying, “Whatever you are doing, it’s working!”
  • A reconnection to your own sexuality whether you’re single or partnered
  • Simply feeling good
  • Feeling connected to yourself, your wholeness, and your self-worth

You may not experience all of these things in your first time. It may take time to wake up your “pussyenergy.” We go into how to do that in Sasha’s School of Turned-On Living. Pussywalking is a lifelong practice. However, I can confidently say there are no negative side effects such as depression or decreased libido.

Ready to try it?

What Women Say…

“I have been in New England since I came in 2002 from a little town in Colombia. We don’t talk about ‘pussy’ in those places where I’m from. I do understand the magnitude of what you are teaching women, to wake up their feminine energy power, something most men do naturally (be in their masculine energy). You are brave to put it out there, and I’m sure countless women (that perhaps will never reach out to you) will benefit from it.”


“I used pussywalking before an online dating event to gain confidence and put my body and mind in the right space. It felt empowering, sexy, and fun and it loosened my limbs and relaxed my inhibitions/shyness.”

What I find is that doing my pussywalk makes me smile, a slightly naughty smile. If they only knew …that’s what goes through my head. And it has been greatly helped by buying more supportive, pretty lingerie.  People don’t know you are wearing super sexy underwear under your corporate outfit. Pussywaking is the same. It is a secret and it makes me smile.