Unlock your power with pussywalkng

I grew up in New England, and I didn’t grow up using the word “pussy” in everyday conversation.

So believe me, it’s as strange for me as it is for you that I’m talking about “pussywalking.”

But I tapped into the power of my pussy and I want the same for you.


Sasha teaching pussywalking in Bali

Picture this: people are taking notice of you because you are walking into the room with a more powerful presence, increased confidence, and a secret smile that lights up your face … 

No one knows why you are smiling, but you wear the mystery well. People are telling you, “Whatever you are doing, it’s working!”

All of these fun things are happening in your life. New opportunities. Magical connections. The flow of life. Could it be because you have been practicing your pussywalk?!

Pussywalking is a unique somatic, sexual-energy mindfulness technique that I have created in my mind-body life-coaching practice (and a word that I coined) over the last thirteen years to help women (and men) activate this energetic power and confidence inside themselves on a daily basis, wherever they need it. 

Sasha’s Pussywalking Method taps into the power of your pelvic region, allowing you to circulate your native sexual energy throughout your body as you walk. 

I developed my unique three-step Pussywalking Method through my own deep immersion in Argentine tango, the study of female sexuality and empowerment, and observation of how women walk in more sensual cultures such as Brazil. 

I have learned from teaching hundreds of women (and now men) how very powerful tuning into the power of the pussy can be. 

Natalie tries out her pussywalk in Bali

These are secrets you don’t learn about at the gynecologist or in sex ed. classes.

But let’s be clear. Sasha’s Pussywalking Method does not involve getting naked or having sex with anyone else. It’s a three-step process that is all about you and your relationship with your own body through breath and visualization, as well as movement. 

It’s a kind of meditation practice, and it’s secret–not something that anyone else will necessarily know you are practicing, though they may feel it. 

I know it can feel very odd to reclaim the word “pussy,” and there can be a lot of empowerment on the other side of breaking such a taboo. 

Developed over the last thirteen years of teaching women in workshops, and through study, exploration, and refinement, Sasha’s Pussywalking Method is a three-step process that is accessible to every woman, regardless of age. 

Are you post-menopausal? No problem. The forcefield of energy in every woman’s body can be activated! 

Believe it or not, men can even tap into their pussy energy too. 

Benefits of pussywalking

Doing the International sign for “I practice the pussywalk” after our workshop in Bali. Sign up and you will get the recordings that walk you through how to awaken your energy and use it for your p-walk!

Sasha’s Pussywalking Method will get you tapped into your secret superpowers as a sensual being.

What can you expect?

  • Increased confidence and lighter mood 
  • Inner peace and a secret smile
  • Reconnection to your own sensuality and sexuality and all the bubbly feelings that might bright
  • Empowerment in professional and personal situations, whether you’re negotiating and need all the leverage you can get or playfully talking with your partner
  • Naturally better posture, without having to think about it

Practicing the pussywalk can help you:

  • Nail job interviews
  • Rock public speaking
  • Get noticed in positive ways.
  • Get instantly connected to your self-worth

There are no negative side effects such as depression or decreased libido.


Sasha, teach me how!

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Experiences of Pussywalkers (Male and Female)

“This is the fastest postural adjustment strategy that I have ever learned, and I have read a lot of books about posture.”–Rishad, NYC

“I used pussywalking before an online dating event to gain confidence and put my body and mind in the right space. It felt empowering, sexy, and fun! It also loosened my limbs and relaxed my inhibitions/shyness.”–Melissa, Toronto
“I practiced pussywalking for the first time last night, just for a few moments, when I was walking along the street on an evening out with my partner. He looked over at me almost immediately and said, ‘You look beautiful tonight.’ And when we got home later he said, ‘I was so proud to be walking with you tonight, your posture was… statuesque… proud.’ He couldn’t quite put it into words and I didn’t tell him my secret, but this is powerful stuff!”–Jody, UK

“Thank you for including me in the amazing workshop last night. I was taking notes and wanted to share my key takeaways. This is an exploration about getting what we want and enjoying life more. Confidence comes from feeling good in your body. It is possible to turn on this confidence by bringing awareness to your pussy.”–Jade S., Katonah, New York

“I have been in New England since I came in 2002 from a little town in Colombia. We don’t talk about ‘pussy’ in those places where I’m from. I do understand the magnitude of what you are teaching women, to wake up their feminine energy power. You are brave to put it out there, and I’m sure countless women (that perhaps will never reach out to you) will benefit from it.”–Alexandra, Rhode Island, U.S.

“It’s super interesting to explore pussywalking at the same time that my reproductive hormones are settling down. I think about moving through a hormonal threshold with curiosity to discover what richness is there, rather than try to hold on to something that is transforming. I appreciate the work and play you are engaging that moves the societal needle.”–Hilery A., Pacific Northwest