Solo Chica Tango Adventure Deposit


Book your curated 7-Day Tango Adventure in Buenos Aires here! The first step is to book with a $300 deposit.

After you pay this deposit we will get in touch with you to do a phone call where we will choose dates, and match you with the perfect Tango Fairygodmother/father to support you during the 7 days we organize for you in Buenos Aires.

Total cost is $2195. We let you pay the rest in monthly installments to make it easy for your budget. During that phone interview we will set up a monthly payment plan or pay the rest for your Adventure, your choice.

You will also have the opportunity to extend for a week if you choose!



This curated Tango Adventure for Solo Chicas creates a safe space for you to discover yourself through tango in Buenos Aires. Without being on a “tour.”  We have been guiding people on transformative Tango Adventures since 2014 so we know just how to support you for an authentic, tango immersion.

Buenos Aires tango insiders will create a weeklong experience for you with all the details thought through so you relax and go on the ride of a lifetime. Many of our guests have told us they felt a sense of inner peace that had not felt for a long time when they come on a Tango Adventure–that’s because we take such care to create an authentic, transformative, deeply Buenos Aires experience for you.

Your Tango Fairygodmother/father and the Solo Chica Coordinator Julia will get to know you before you arrive and will work together to design your personalized 7-Day Itinerary.

Sasha will oversee the process adding special transformative touches and her curatorial eye based on 10 years in Buenos Aires tango.  Your teachers, lessons, and milonga outings will be tailored for you and your hopes for your trip.

Here’s what your personalized, curated Tango Adventure includes:

  • Creation of a personalized 7-Day Itinerary for you with all the details thought through, with the best tango teachers for you, classes, and milongas, all booked and chosen for you by tango insiders based on your tango level, age, how late you like to go out at night, etc.!
  • Pre-trip Skype meeting with your Tango Fairygodmother or father (TFG). We connect you even before you come so you can feel welcomed and calm any nerves or questions before you arrive. Your will customize your milonga Itinerary to choose the best milongas for you based on this conversation.
  • Coffee date on your first day with your Solo Chica coordinator Julia to go over your curated week. The schedule will have been booked and expertly arranged by our Solo Chica coordinator Julia so everything is easy for you.
  • Coffee date with your Tango Fairygodmother. Your first time to meet each other in person and talk about the themes you will be exploring in your week of tango.
  • Guided tango shoe-shopping outing to secret showrooms with Julia for the best, most elegant and stable tango shoes stores for practice and elegant shoes.
  • 3 guided friendly milonga outings chosen for you by your TFG. Your Tango Fairygodmother or father will accompany you and support you to dance while he or she teaches you the secret codes of the milonga and the transformative lessons of tango.
  • 1 3-hour Taxi Dancer (“dancer for hire”) night (we call them acompañantes de tu evolución) to help you make your debut onto the dance floor at a Buenos Aires milonga with support, love and confidence.
  • 4 private 1- hour lessons with one of the best tango teachers in Buenos Aires to learn tango and what tango reveals for you. Private lessons are tailored for you, whether you are a total beginner or have been dancing tango for years.
  • 2 Group tango lessons chosen for you and your level to get you meeting new people
  • Sasha’s course in Confidence, Boundaries and Sensuality, which you will learn with your TFG in the milongas, to help you learn from the culture and feel empowered when you go out to dance
  • 1- hour private psicotango session. Psicotango is a one-hour session where you are guided to explore yourself through the movement of tango to find what tango is revealing for you through your body language. Psicotango is a unique Buenos Aires mashup of psychoanalysis (which is still popular in Buenos Aires) and tango.
  • Solo Chica discounts at secret boutiques for the best body-positive tango clothing and stable, elegant, artisanal tango shoes
  • Personal “concierge” help for the week and before to assist you with the things you want to do in Buenos Aires in your free time from our coordinator Julia
  • Hookup with our favorite friendly taxi driver who will pick you up at the airport (and who also dances tango)
  • Time to spend on your own. We give you time to wander and discover your own treasures with alone time to reflect and rest. This is not an overscheduled tour! There’s nowhere better to digest your tango experience than at one of Buenos Aires’ many antique Bar Notables where you can journal and get a cortado (coffee cut with a little milk). We’ll point you to the best ones.
  • Hotel and tango guesthouse recommendations with a special Solo Chica code to get insider treatment and deals at one of the best tango guesthouses in Buenos Aires
  • All the detailed info you need to prepare on currency exchange, what to bring, tech and body-mind prep, and books to read (if you like)