Solo Chica Tango Adventure Itinerary

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The Tango Adventure Itinerary ($499) gives you a highly curated 7-day plan for tango bliss morning to midnight taking you inside the Buenos Aires tango scene. The Itinerary was created based on 9 years of dancing and learning in the Buenos Aires tango community, plus 5 years of leading group transformative tango tours. The Itinerary gives you access to the amazing people who are part of the Tango Adventure team. It’s the stuff that you could never find on a Google search. We put it all together here for you all in one document to make it easy for you to get on a plane with an incredible team and series of experiences waiting for you in Buenos Aires. . . with programs that give you highly personalized support and service.

When you purchase the 53-page Itinerary, you get a unique secret Solo Chica code that gets you access to all the super-supportive programs we created for Solo Chicas:

  • Coordinated team of Transformative Tango Teachers to give you private lessons with study plans for individuals and couples to make it easy to set up lessons from afar (at special insider pricing)
  • Tango Fairygodmother (or father) to help you meet people and dance at the milonga (a unique role we created for Solo Chica because we know just what you need to dance, meet new people, and feel like an instant insider in the milongas)
  • a “Mirada” coach to help you succeed at the milonga and connect with men or women to dance through the Debut Dancers program we created for Solo Chica (you’ll get lots of support to dance, and it’s going to be fun!)
  • Taxi dancers with a joyful, warm spirit to help you take your first tango steps
  • Artisanal tango shoes and tango clothing at a Solo Chica discount
  • An award-winning photographer who works for Netflix for a “Tango Goddess Photo Shoot” (value: $350, you get half-price)
  • Massage and reflexology at the price of a yoga class in the US
  • Psicotango (a methodology bringing together two of Buenos Aires’ passions: psychoanalysis and tango)
  • The best hotels for tango dancers in safe central locations, making it easy for you to book, one with a discount
  • And more!

The Itinerary makes it easy for you set up all these relationships yourself–everything is meticulously explained. Because you will be interacting with Argentines and other people from around the world who have been drawn to Buenos Aires for the love of tango, we do all the cultural translation for you in the Itinerary to make this easy for you to connect.

With your Solo Chica secret code you unlock special insider pricing. Not only do you get personal support and access to magical worlds, you will save $$$–likely far more than $499!

Most important, you’ll receive an authentic, transformative experience with the support of the tango family we created for you in Buenos Aires. That kind of personal support for your tango travel experience is priceless.