Solo Chica Tango Adventure


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The magic happens when we move beyond our comfort zone and step into the unknown.

This curated Tango Adventure for Solo Chicas creates a safe space for you to discover yourself through tango in Buenos Aires. Without being on a “tour.”

Reinvent yourself, reconnect to your sensuality and step into a new you. Solo Chica will help you move beyond your perceived limitations.

You get:

–twenty-minute consultation with a team member to get all your questions answered about your Adventure in Buenos Airs

–curated Itinerary to give you 7 days of tango bliss, updated to reflect the ever-changing local tango scene

–your own personal Tango Fairygodmother to guide you and get you connected in the milongas. You will have 5 meetings total (12 hours together total to totally immerse you in the local scene)

–our course Confidence, Boundaries and Sensuality through Tango

— comprehensive team vetted for you with insider Solo Chica pricing — this is everything you need for an incredible immersion — teachers for private lessons, taxi dancers, massage therapist, yoga teacher for private lessons, someone to pick you up at the airport that we trust

–tango guesthouse and hotel recommendations and a special deal at a tango guesthouse to save you 30% off during low season. other moments we have you covered with great options. You are also free to stay where you choose.

The first step will be a 20-30 minute phone call with one of our team members to go over the Solo Chica program and how it works. You’ll get all your questions answered. This will be scheduled for 2-5 days within purchase. You will receive a link to pick at time that works for you.

After this phone call you will receive the Itinerary and you will be connected with your Tango Fairygodmother (or father) who will be taking you deep inside the authentic tango culture of Buenos Aires.

In this phone call we will also be making sure we are a good match. If for some reason you don’t feel it is a match, we will refund the money. And if we do not feel it is a good match for our team, we will also refund the money. So there are no risks–we want this to be a great fit for everyone.