First-Ever Online Pussywalking Workshop!


Tap into the power of your female body to build your confidence. 

When: Tuesday, June 28, at 7 pm – 8:30 pm ET … starting at 4 pm PT, midnight London, 1 am WET (Western European Time), 5 am New Delhi, 9 am Sydney

Where: ONLINE, via Zoom, this will be global!

How: Sign up to grab your spot! Enrollment will be capped to create an intimate experience where everyone gets to practice their pussywalk.

Word to the wise! This will be the first-ever online workshop, and the lowest price the online workshop will ever be offered to celebrate its launch. So take advantage and join us now 🙂

How to sign up:

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Would you like a confidence boost when you’re getting on a Zoom meeting, walking into a job interview, or going on a date?

Well, let's get you pussywalking!

Pussywalking is a simple practice of embodied awareness that can help you gain confidence instantly. At work. In your relationships. When you walk down the street in a big city or a small town.

Changing the way you inhabit your body can be the most effective and fastest path to transformation. Plus, it's fun.

Join us for the first-ever Online Pussywalking Workshop! 

I have been teaching pussywalking in-person since 2013. I am BEYOND excited to bring the teachings online in this first inaugural workshop because now we will be able to spread pussywalking globally, at a time, quite frankly, when women need it most.

This workshop will be open, honest, interactive, surprising, and massively educational.

In ninety minutes, we will get you walking through life with more presence, more poise, and a whole new perspective on where your power lies. 

You will learn:

  • How to pussywalk and turn on the power of this subtle pleasure when you need it most
  • How to feel more confident in your own body and project it too so others feel it
  • How to integrate the practice so it becomes second nature
  • How to wake up that part of your body even if you feel distant from it or numb -- and let's face it, most women don't consider their pelvic regions that often outside of sex and the annual visit to the gyn.
  • The diverse ways you can put this secret female superpower to work in your life to learn how to improvise, be spontaneous, and invite more magic into your life

Here is a message I recently received...

“I have been in New England since I came in 2002 from a little town in Colombia. We don’t talk about ‘pussy’ in those places where I’m from. I do understand the magnitude of what you are teaching women, to wake up their feminine energy power, something most men do naturally (be in their masculine energy). You are brave to put it out there, and I’m sure countless women (that perhaps will never reach out to you) will benefit from it.”

The Pussywalking Workshop will also give you an opportunity to connect with like-minded women.

Who this is for:

    • Women of all ages (and people who have been socialized or raised as women)
    • Total beginners, people who have tried out the practice, and even those who have been using it for years

The workshop will be recorded and available as a replay, only for those who sign up and can't come to the live event. The recording will also be a powerful tool for the women who attend to watch and see the difference between your normal walk and your pussywalk.

Wait, what exactly is pussywalking?
Watch the videos on this page to get started with your journey.

Who's teaching you?
That will be me, Sasha Cagen: Quirkyalone + To-Do List author, life + executive/leadership coach, and world-traveling tango dancer. Yes, I am still shocked that I am using this word "pussy"! I certainly never used it growing up in New England. But yes, that's what we will be doing...learning to pussywalk.

My fresh perspectives on being an empowered, liberated woman have been featured on CNN, NPR, in the New York Times, Vogue, and all over Buenos Aires media when I became famous as the first woman to marry herself in Argentina.

I am currently at work on my third book--a memoir of healing through sensuality--called WET.

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Can't wait to see you there!